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A Fussy Eater Or Total Foodie? Mamamade’s Top 5 Picks For Every Type Of Eater

Is your little one a fussy eater? We know how hard it can be to ensure that your little one is getting a nutritious and healthy diet full of all the good stuff. We totally get it, all babies and toddlers are different, they follow their own developmental chart, have their own likes and dislikes and most of the time have a mind of their own. But we here at Mamamade have discovered a pattern 👀 Thanks to you. We love hearing from you in our Instagram DMs especially when you share your mealtime journeys with us 🥰

If your little one is a total foodie, you’re probably thinking about how you can keep up with their adventurous palate? And if you’ve got a weaning newbie, where do you even begin!? 🤯

Whew! A parent's checklist is long enough, and that’s why we're here to support you for every mealtime and snack occasion by bundling down our meals and finger foods, making it super-easy for you to offer the right food for your little one 💜

Weaning Newbie - A baby eating his Mamamade purée with a Mamamade pink spoon and right yellow Mamamade bib

Weaning Newbie

If you’ve got a weaning newbie, they probably love exploring new flavours! It’s not called the wild world of weaning for no reason, some babies can't get enough of the new tastes and textures when they start solids. However, you might find that sometimes your little one might not like certain tastes (the realities of weaning! 😅).

If that’s the case we would highly recommend you try our First Tastes Purées Bundle! It’s suitable for 4 months+ and is packed with 100% organic single-fruit, single-veg and combo purées, this weaning starter pack is designed for babies who are ready for their first taste of solids but might need a little guidance when it comes to the adventure.

Fussy Eater - A baby looking at his Mamamade food in a bowl during mealtime

Fussy Eater

These little ones are more common than you think. The highs and lows of a fussy eater can feel like nothing less than a rollercoaster 🎢 Who knows what they like! It’s never really as simple as that is it 😂 If you ask them what they dislike, they’ll give you a huge blabber about it all but end up eating one of the options at lunchtime!

The best Mamamade bundle option for fussy eaters has to be our Bestsellers Bundle! Suitable for 7 months+ and filled with our most popular dishes and fam-fave finger foods, you can’t really go wrong with this bundle! If your little one is still proving to be a fussy eater, scroll on down for another bundle that might be more their style...

Snack-Hungry Toddler - A little girl munching on her Mamamade bites looking very happy

Snack-Hungry Toddler

Chocolates, biscuits, ice creams, crisps - The list is endless! If you’ve got a toddler you know what I'm talking about, they can never have too many of these and if you’re headed into toddler central make sure you get some cupboard locks 🔒 Well, they love their sweet treats and bite-sized snacks and dislike having empty-hands 😅

The one and true bundle that’ll satisfy their cravings for snacks and a full belly has to be the Toddler Meal + Snack Bundle! Suitable for 12 months+ and filled with our toddler-fave meals, you’ll also find a selection of veggie finger foods and mini desserts that will keep your little one happy (and quiet 🤫) even when you’re out and about! Carefully created by our expert chefs, your little one will be none the wiser that their new fave meal is loaded with organic and healthy ingredients.

The Ultimate Foodie - A toddler eating her Mamamade 100% organic lentil shepherds pie whilst wearing her pink Mamamade bib

The Ultimate Foodie

A smooth sailing child is pretty much non-existent but the ultimate foodie is the closest you’ll get! They aren't too picky or fussy they’d rather not bother with the faff as long as they’ve had a nap, a few hours of playing and some well-deserved screentime. They love exploring new tastes and feeding themselves 🙌 All about independence and self-expression, you’d think you’re already raising an adult! But be warned they don't like flavourless food, so make sure that you’re serving them with a blast of flavour.

If you’re shopping for this little one try our I’m A Total Pro Variety Bundle! Suitable for 9 months+ and bursting with a whole host of delicious meals, bites, bold flavours, and a mix of textures to keep your adventurous foodie’s taste buds tingling. We've included some of our most popular finger foods and bites, as well as plenty of pinchable plant-based mixes your little one is guaranteed to gobble down!

For The Ones Who Know What They Are - A mother holding her baby whilst opening her Mamamade delivery. A additional picture of a Mamamade delivery box outside someones front door

For The Ones Who Know What They Are

If you’re dealing with a child that knows it all and has a million questions about anything and everything then keep reading because this one is a very particular Mamamade option 🧐 For the child that wants total control and is curious about food and everything to do with it 👩🏼‍🍳 We’ve got the Build-A-Box Subscription 🎉 These no reason not to love it, you’re in full control with what’s inside your build-a-box, so if your little one is going through a phase of ONLY wanting to eat Lentil Shepherd’s Pie, Banana Oat Pancakes or Veggie Millet Bites (we’ve all been there), then you can order just those items - result! Or why not sit your little one with you and build a box together 💗

We love to know what you think so comment down below or send us a DM on Instagram to share all your mealtime highs and lows! And if you’re on the hunt for some more relating content, check out these blogs “How To Teach Your Children Healthy Eating Habits”,” Let's Talk Picky Eaters!”, “Your Baby's Tingling Taste Buds & How To Help Them Start Tasting Foods”, “The Low-Down On Fresh Ready To Eat Baby Food Meal Subscriptions”, and “The Perfect Mealtime - What That Means For Parents

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