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Rock On: Using Crystals To Calm Children

OK, so maybe you don't identify as a 'woo-woo' parent. We don't either (not always, at least!). Though crystals - rocks and gems with various energies - have gone relatively mainstream, as a tool for parenting they're still a little fringe. But ever thought about using an amber necklace for teething? That's the power of crystals at work.

In this day and age of screens and technology, we've lost ways to connect with the earth. Crystals are a brilliant way to reconnect to that part of ourselves we desperately need. Everything on the planet is energy, after all - different types of crystals have different vibrational frequencies, which can be harnessed as tools.

But even the more skeptical among you may be intrigued to know the potential positive impact on your parenting.

Here we provide a starter guide for adding crystals to support your parenting.        

Make Bedtime Easier

Amethyst is a positive stone thought to block negative energy and cure insomnia (we're looking at you, 2-year sleep regression). 

Resist the Screen

Shungite is said to protect from electromagnetic energy and can help you destress. So you can stop the mindless before-bed scrolling and relax into sleep!

Find Happy

Infuse Clear Quartz with your own positive energy, then hand it off to a nervous child to calm down (quartz amplifies the energy you give it). 

Trust Yourself

A perfect gift for new mums, moonstone is believed to help ground you - something to do with how it channels the moon, the ultimate symbol of womanhood.

Mental Clarity is Yours

With rainbow fluorite. Turn off the constant cycle of questions and worries with this crystal that filters the unnecessary out. 

But how do I...?

Crystals and their various properties are brilliant starting points for discussing emotions with your kids - providing tools for regulating and managing big emotions. 

If your toddler is skittish about going into a new place, for example, you can hand them a blue lace agate and discuss how it might help sooth her nerves and anxiety. Or hand over an angelite in the same situation and encourage your little one to always ask for help when she needs. 

And since crystals come from the earth, they can also be an effective tool for opening up your little one's eyes to the magic of the planet - and how desperately it needs to be preserved. 

Have you experimented with crystals? Let us know in the comments!

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