Baby-to-Toddler Meals for the Non-Cook

The end of September is always a funny time. School is back in full swing, so is work, the days get gradually and gradually shorter and colder - and one of the first things to fall through the cracks is usually the time and energy to cook truly nourishing and healthy and energising meals for our little ones. Pasta for the 5th meal in a row? Anything to take the edge off!
But this is one of the reasons why we developed our meal delivery programme - to take the time and trouble out of 'what will I feed my little one next!'.
So we've put together a list of our favourite meals that make themselves - no long ingredient list, no pots or pans, and practically no cooking at all. Ready to be created in minutes. 
All of these meals are suitable for toddlers and are easily adaptable for early eaters 6 months and older (or as a meal for Mama - won't tell!). 
Supercharged Bruschettas
Heat any Mamamade pouch according to instructions on the back and set atop sliced local organic bread. We find that the savoury ones, like Carrot Cauliflower + Cumin, Cauliflower White Bean + Rosemary, Spring Greens + Chia, or Med Veg + Red Lentil work best here. 
Delicious Smoothies
Any of our fruit flavours work well here! Apple Carrot + Ginger, Banana Kale + Coconut, Raspberry Amaranth + Flaxseed or Carrot Mango and Turmeric. Tip frozen contents into blender with 1/4 cup of any kind of milk or plant mylk and blend until smooth. Try adding a bit of lime juice to amp up flavour exposure!
Yoghurt Toppers
Don't be fooled by the kiddy yoghurts in the supermarket - most are chockfull of unnecessary sugars, fruit sweeteners, and colourants. Try offering your baby or toddler natural, full-fat yoghurt - you may be surprised by how they take to it! Top with any of our flavours for nourishing and nutrient-dense savoury or sweet meals that take seconds. 
Loaded Sweet Potato
Ok, so you'll have to do a spot of cooking here. Cook a sweet potato for 45 minutes at 175 (fan). Pile on any Mamamade pouch - good to go!
Buddha Bowl
Add some chick peas into a bowl - either leaving whole or mashing down a bit. Top with any of the Mamamade pouches (but we like Hearty Veg + Quinoa or Med Veg + Red Lentil best here), some sliced avocado and salad onions. Top with a tbsp of coconut yoghurt. 
Ready for easy, nourishing and health meals in minutes?

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