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Stage 3

Feel like you’re getting the hang of things with solids? This programme is all about building up your little one’s palate and confidence around new flavours and textures. We’ll send a box of 12 healthy meals, including porridges and finger foods to your door every 2 weeks. We have a selection of 35 organic meals for your little one to try - that's over 80 different ingredients in total! With each subsequent delivery we’ll send new and different meals based on your little one’s developmental needs, helping you introduce the right food at the right time. Our programme is designed to best suit your child at each stage of their development, but you can edit your box whenever you like. Simply log into your account to jump to the next stage, switch up your flavours, skip a delivery or double up on your order :) And don’t worry - we’ll offer continuous support throughout your journey, with free access to our weaning coach, exclusive resources and our amazing community group!

Payment options

With all of our payment plans you’ll receive 2 boxes per month, each containing 12 organic meals

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