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Healthy homemade baby meals? Check.

Each of our recipes has been carefully crafted by nutritionists and prepared by hand by our team of talented chefs - then frozen fresh to lock in valuable nutrients. With 35 diverse meals available, there's something for everyone.

Merch & Gift Cards

Join the Mamamade family with our exclusive Mamamerch!

Make mealtime an easy, fun, and safe experience with our weaning bibs, suction bowls, and handy spoons. Made with 100% food-grade silicone, our weaning essentials come in a mix of playful colourways to keep your little one looking stylish, even when they are getting messy!

Stay tuned - there is much more merch to come. What do you want to see?

Mamamade SweatshirtMamamade Sweatshirt

Mamamade Sweatshirt

Join the Mamamade family with our classic sweatshirt, featuring a super-soft fleece lining, ribbed detailing, and embro...

Mamamade x Chilly's Food PotMamamade x Chilly's Food Pot

Mamamade x Chilly's Food Pot

We’re making mealtime even easier for busy parents like you... We've teamed up with our friends at Chilly's to bring yo...

Mamamade Silicone Suction BowlMamamade Silicone Suction Bowl

Mamamade Silicone Suction Bowl

There's nothing worse than a bowl of food going overboard, so we've come to the rescue with our handy weaning bowl. The...

Mamamade Silicone Weaning BibMamamade Silicone Weaning Bib

Mamamade Silicone Weaning Bib

Weaning can get messy, so this bib is designed not only to make your little one look super-cool but has a deep pocket t...

Mamamade Baby Weaning Spoon (3-Pack)Mamamade Baby Weaning Spoon (3-Pack)

Mamamade Baby Weaning Spoon (3-Pack)

Whether your little one is taking the lead, you're following the spoon-fed weaning method, or a combination of the two;...

Mamamade Gift Card

Mamamade Gift Card

Give the gift of time, support, and convenience with a Mamamade digital Gift Card. Whether you want to buy a little spe...

OG Fam-Faves BundleOG Fam-Faves Bundle

OG Fam-Faves Bundle

We recently launched our brand new and improved recipes, and have updated our pre-made bundles with these tasty new add...

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