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Guide to Managing Food Refusal and Fussiness


Chances are, at some point during the journey of introducing solids - and particularly once your little one is around the age of 1 - you'll experience periods of food refusal and fussiness. You may feel reassured to know that this is usually totally normal! It doesn't mean you've done anything wrong!

We know how stressful this can be, so we've put together this free guide to cover:

- Understanding why babies and toddlers might refuse food.
- Techniques and scripts for responding to episodes of fussiness and refusal
- Managing common battles
- Strategies for coping with the stress
- Techniques and strategies for managing tantrums at the table

How do I download this guide?

Simply add this guide to your basket, checkout for free, and you’ll receive an email with a link to download! You can then keep this guide on your laptop, phone, or even print it out.

Why Mamamade?

  • We’re here to share the load and the love with accessible, digestible information and helpful resources on weaning, nutrition, family wellbeing and more, all underpinned by the Mamamade community of over 70K+ parents
  • Parents love us! We have over 125 five-star reviews on Trustpilot from parents and carers who feel supported by our service and our meals.
  • Mamamade baby food delivery service was created by a mum who wanted her children to have the very best nutrition - convenient, but without compromise - and also wanted resources that felt relevant and modern. Starting from Sophie’s kitchen, Mamamade now supports hundreds of parents each week.
  • At Mamamade, our baby and toddler food, meals and bundles are designed for each stage of your baby’s development, ensuring they’re getting the right food at the right time.
  • All of our frozen organic baby food recipes have been designed by our child nutritionist and carefully handcrafted by a Masterchef, so you can be sure you're providing the very best start to life with top-quality ingredients.

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    What's on the menu?

    A parent's checklist is long enough. We'll take mealtime off your plate with our diverse range of over 30 nutrient-rich ready meals, mixes, fabulous finger foods and mega breakfast bowls for every stage.

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