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Toddler Mealtime Consultation Call - Am I Doing This Right?


We know just how overwhelming toddler mealtimes can be, especially when there’s so much information and judgement out there around portion sizes, the debates around sugar intake and making sure they are getting enough nutrients. And let’s not even get started on when they enter the ‘beige stage’ and only want to eat plain food or they start to develop picky eating habits! It’s a wild ride, but we’re here to make toddler mealtimes as fuss-free for you as possible, offering you support, expert guidance and helpful tips with our 1:1 toddler mealtime consultations.

Is this toddler mealtime consultation call right for me?

Our personal 1:1 coach calls are suitable for those with little ones from 12m+, right up to toddler age. The session will be completely personal to you, and no question is too silly or too small. It’s a judgment-free zone over here.

Calls can be booked at a time convenient to you (we’re happy to work around nap times, nursery runs, and just life in general!), and you can choose if you would prefer this to be a phone call, or even a video call. We can’t wait to chat!

How to book a call:

Choose which length of call works best for you, add to your basket, and head to the checkout. Once your order has been placed, you’ll receive an email with a link to book a call at a time convenient to you.

What you’ll discuss on your 30 or 60 minute call:

During your call, we’ll cover any concerns or questions you may have - perhaps you are looking for advice on toddler meal portion sides, establishing positive feeding habits, introducing and using cutlery, or help with fussy or picky eating, we’re are here to support for you.

After your 30 or 60 minute call, you will receive:

  • A recap email with everything discussed
  • A toddler mealtime plan with action points, tips and suggestions to help you on your mealtime journey.
  • Mamamade toddler meal and bundle suggestions
  • Homemade meal and foodie ideas
  • Links to further reading that will support you

What about the free 10 minute taster call?

This 10 minute mini weaning call is ideal for those who want to initially chat before committing to a 30 or 60 minute session. You’ll likely have time for 1-3 questions during this call, and we can always arrange to book you in for a longer session, too.

Why Mamamade?

  • Mamamade use only 100% organic, plant-based ingredients and our meals are naturally free from the big 8 allergens, including milk, eggs, and peanuts.
  • All recipes have been designed by our child nutritionist and carefully handcrafted by a Masterchef, so you can be sure you're providing the very best start to life with top-quality ingredients.
  • We have toddler-ready meals and bundles designed packed full of nutrients and big flavours for growing tummies.
  • As the parent, you're in control - our finger foods are ready-to-go, and our mixes are designed to be heated and then pureed, mashed or left whole depending on your little one's stage of eating.
  • Our meals are all flash-frozen to lock in nutrients, can be stored in your freezer for up to 4 months and cooked from frozen! Ready for whenever you need them.
  • Parents love us, and we have over 125 five-star reviews on Trustpilot! If you don't just want to take our word for it, check out what parents have to say about their experience with Mamamade.

    Loved by parents

    What's on the menu?

    A parent's checklist is long enough. We'll take mealtime off your plate with our diverse range of over 30 nutrient-rich ready meals, mixes, fabulous finger foods and mega breakfast bowls for every stage.

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