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Our Philosophy

We've done all the hard work for you.

Our goal is to help your baby discover and love the taste of real fruits, vegetables and grains by providing organically-sourced quality ingredients that have been flash-frozen on the farm to preserve peak freshness and flavour.

You handle the ingredients yourself - our mixes are never processed, and because they're frozen, no unnecessary ingredients need to be used to preserve freshness. 


Free yourself.

Should you really have to choose between the convenience of ready meals and pouches and the freshness and creativity of home-made food? 

mamamade presents the best of both worlds. All the benefits of home-cooking with the ease of knowing your meals have been prepped for you by experts in baby feeding and delivered straight to your door just for your baby.
How you choose to heat and prepare, well, we'll just leave that to you!



we've got nowhere to hide (really!)

We know how important it is for you to know what is in the food you feed your baby, which is why we are committed to transparent packaging and ingredients you handle yourself. 

Our ingredients lists are short, because we love pure food and above all respect the natural state of the products we use (incidentally, this also means your babies get the best first tastes possible!) 



Let's not forget Mama Earth...

Here at mamamade, we believe that in order for food to be good for babies it must also be good for our planet. 

All ingredients are responsibly sourced and local wherever possible, and all of our packaging gets a second life - if you choose not to reuse our resealable packs in your own home, simply return to your driver upon your next delivery.

We've teamed up with third-parties to ensure all materials not widely accepted by councils are responsibly recycled. 

It's not over til...

We're not done yet! The fun's only just begun. We're constantly dreaming up new recipes...stay tuned, and contact us for anything at all!