sophie m baron with baby

Mamamade came to life when our founder, Sophie Baron, struggled to find healthy and fresh options for her baby for those times she was looking for a bit of convenience at home. 

Reading about what's best for baby, researching baby-friendly recipes, finding those baby superfood ingredients and then preparing them took time (and mental bandwidth) that as a new parent she just didn't have!

The only other options for her daughter were overly smooth pouches high in fruit and sugar.

So Sophie set to work developing a product that would provide a bit of support for parents like her.

The first Mamamade products were sold out of her kitchen in NW London, and it's taken off from there!

Mamamade has done all the hard work for you. We deliver unprocessed, unrefined combinations of real ingredients cut perfectly for little fingers to handle, flash frozen to seal in peak nutrition and flavour, in packaging that fits easily in your freezer. Ready to be made by you, in 10 minutes or less.