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Our Mission

About us

It all started when Mama made…

Mamamade came to life when I started introducing solids to my daughter Liba. I wanted her to have the very best - everything home-cooked, organic, plant-based, flavourful and healthy - but the reality was that I struggled to keep up with the pace of mealtimes on top of milk feeds.

I was desperate for help that didn't include breaking open the seal of a store-bought puree. Just a bit of help for those times I was out of creativity, out of time, but not willing to compromise on her health and development.

So I set to work creating a product to help parents like me.

The transition into parenthood can be hugely overwhelming. What Mamamade stands for has always been clear: to share the load and the love.

Think of us as your support system - whatever your family might look like - recognising that when it comes to nutrition, wellbeing and beyond, there's no one-size-fits-all . 

Mamamade is ready to cater to the new generation of parents. How can we help you next?

Bringing parents together

Parenting is an adventure, through conversations, resources, events and 1:1 chats, Mamamade's experts and community are helping support and connect a diverse group of parents.

Let's share the load and share the love.