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Black Friday is here...

...but we're thinking Green

We want to take this time as an opportunity to reward our amazingly loyal community for their support, and give new customers a chance to try Mamamade at a time convenient to them, without driving anyone to shop impulsively. After all, we offer convenience without compromise, and we are here for you whenever you need support at mealtime.

Plus, there’s no better time than now to share what we are doing as a business to ensure that we’re being as green and sustainable as we can for you, your little ones and the planet. 

Your Black Friday Rewards...

Free Credit For Existing Customers

As a thank you to our loyal customers, we’re giving 1000 points (worth £10!) to anyone who has ordered from us in the last six months. Ordered 6+ boxes from us? We're crediting your account with 2000 points (worth £20!).

There’s no rush, the credit is in your account whenever you need to support with mealtime.

25% Off For New Customers

New customer? You can get 25% off your first Mamamade subscription box with the code BLACKFRIDAY25

We don’t want to rush you, so this code is valid until the new year. So note it down, and we’re here whenever you need us. 

Double Refer-A-Friend Points

If you love us, tell your friends! They'll get £10 off their first Mamamade order, and you'll get double refer-a-friend points - worth £20!

This offer will run from the 23rd-29th of Nov, so refer to your heart's content; there's no limit to how many points you can receive.