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Maxiumum Flavour In Every Mini Mouthful.

We will be introducing more ingredients to the entire range including gluten to 3 of our new toddler meals.
You can also expect bolder flavours, better textures, and each dish to be packed full of the plant-based organic goodness you've come to love us for.
Our talented team have created, tasted and tweaked every recipe to guarantee maximum flavour, variety and nutrition in every mini mouthful.

Rye, do you ask?

Here's 3 reasons why we're introducing gluten into some of our new toddler meals.

Meals including gluten

Courgette + Lentil BologneseCourgette + Lentil Bolognese

Courgette + Lentil Bolognese

BRAND NEW RECIPE! Ciao… little foodies! This is not your average bolognese! Our veggie adaptation of this family cla...

Mac + 'cheese'Mac + 'cheese'

Mac + 'cheese'

BRAND NEW RECIPE! A healthy take on the indulgent American classic, a nod to our founder’s routes! This dairy-free M...

7 Veg Penne7 Veg Penne

7 Veg Penne

BRAND NEW RECIPE! Our newest pasta dish contains all of the veg, but none of the negative energy from fussy eaters. ...

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