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Hi, I'm Sophie!

Mamamade came to life when I was introducing solids to my daughter in 2018. I wanted her to have the very best ‑ everything home‑cooked, organic, plant‑based, flavourful and healthy. But in reality, that’s easier said than done, not just for me but for most modern-day parents.

I was desperate for a bit of support; the juggling act of parenting can be challenging. Most days, I was out of time, overworked and lacked creativity during mealtimes, but I wasn't willing to compromise on my daughter's health or development. So, I set out to create a product for parents like me! And that's how Mamamade was born...

Ready to Order Mamamade?

At Mamamade we're all about convenience, which is why you can order our products on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscription, so you have one less thing to worry about. You can pause your subscription at any time, and have the option to change your meals or bundles via your account.

If you're not sure if a subscription is right for you, you can also order one-off box to get you started! Use code TIKTOK30 for 30% off your first box.

Mamamade Meal Bundles

Delivered Frozen to Your Door.

A parent's checklist is long enough. This is why we're here to support you and your family with nutritious, organic and plant-based (naturally free of the big-8 allergens!) meals and snacks delivered frozen to your door.

We handle the rest; all you have to do is pop the meals straight in your freezer, and heat them up when needed. Mealtime ready in minutes!

Loved By Parents

The Mamamade Podcast

We understand that parenting can be a whirlwind of emotions, situations and, most of the time, uncertainty. So, that's why The Mamamade Podcast is here to help! 🎙

Think of each episode as a mini-guide to surviving parenthood on the go. With the addition of a few familiar voices, friends, influencers, experts and hopefully even some of you - our Mamamates! Just another way for us to help share the load and the love.

Shop Mamamerch!

Meal Bundles for Every Stage...

Is your baby entering the wild world of weaning, your little one a finger food fiend, or you have a toddler that's asking for a more 'grown-up' meal? If these sound familiar, Mamamade has a bundle suited for every stage of your babies development.

Not sure which bundle is right for you? Take our quiz, and let's build a meal plan for your child!

The Mamamade Blog.

We're breaking down barriers and exploring the ins and outs of parenting...

Let's Talk Picky Eaters!

Let's Talk Picky Eaters!

Picture this... Imagine a world where your child eats everything and anything! Sure, some parents get lucky and have exactly that. But on the othe...

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