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Introducing Toddler & Kid Meals

Fresh and healthy meals and snacks for kids 1-4 years old, packed with veg and superfoods. Ready to heat and eat - starting at under £3.

How It Works

Explore our Meals


Select the bundle that best suits your little one's preferences and stage of development


Once you've selected your bundle, our chefs will prep your meals and build your box.


Yay - your box of fresh frozen meals is delivered! Change or pause your subscription at any time.

Our Toddler Meals

Free-from the big 8 allergens, completely plant-based, Masterchef-designed and nutritionist-approved. Ready to cook from frozen in minutes. It's as easy as that. Now go on, put those feet up and take a minute!






Don't Just Take Our Word For It

What Happens Next?

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