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1:1 Weaning Consultation Calls: Introducing Your Private Weaning Expert

Hey Mamamates,

Weaning can be such a special and exciting time. But it can also feel terrifying! It can seem like there’s so much to know, and with everything else going on in life at the same time, this can become overwhelming. That’s why we’re super excited to introduce (by popular demand) our extended 1:1 Weaning Consutlation Calls!

These calls are designed to give you tailored advice and support from a weaning expert, so you can feel equipped to go on and enjoy the fun parts of your weaning journey. You’ll have the option between 30 or 60 minutes of undivided attention from our expert, followed up by useful resources curated just for you.

These bespoke sessions are perfect whether you’re just starting to think about weaning your little one, have dipped your toe into the wild world of solids, or you’re well into the thick of it. It will be your own personal judgement-free zone for weaning questions, worries, or anything else you just want to chat about. You’ll leave the session feeling calm, confident and supported about where you are and what’s to come! 💜


In short, it’s completely up to you! You’ll lead with your own questions and concerns, so that you can get the most out of the session. Perhaps you aren’t sure when to wean you baby, how to wean your baby, or your little one is experiencing issues with different textures. You might feel anxious about introducing allergens, or be looking for advice on meal schedules and reducing milk intake. Whatever the weaning worry, we’ll be here to talk it through.


💻 A recap email with notes on everything that was discussed

📝 A baby weaning plan with action points, tips and suggestions to help you on your weaning journey

💜 Mamamade organic baby food meal and bundle suggestions curated to you

🥣  Homemade meal and foodie ideas

📚 Links to further reading that will support you


If you’re not too sure what to expect, or would like an initial chat before committing to a 30 or 60 minute session, we’ve got you. You also have the option to book a free 10 minute mini weaning call. You’ll likely have time for 1-3 questions during this call, and we can always arrange to book you in for a longer session, too.


We currently offer three call length options:

⏰ 10 minutes taster call - free

💪 30 minutes coach call- £50

💞 60 minutes coach call - £90

Click here and choose which length of call works best for you, add to your basket, and head to the checkout. Once your order has been placed, you’ll receive an email with a link to book a call at a time convenient to you (we’re happy to work around those nap times!).

You can choose if you would prefer this to be a phone call, or even a video call.

"I've been speaking one-to-one with members of our community ever since Mamamade started as a little business out of my kitchen. I love chatting with you all, to learn where you are with your weaning journey, get to know your little ones a bit more, and see how I can help you make the most of this exciting stage of parenting. Every call really is so unique, and what I've learned is that most of us just want to speak to someone who will really listen. That's why I'm here! I want nothing more than for the weaning process to be fun and positive, and to help you feel confident to adapt and respond to your baby.

Looking forward to catching up!"

Love, Sophie & Team Mamamade x

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