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We're Changing The Face Of Baby Food

Mamamade Baby Food Subscription Box

Mamamade is changing the face of baby food. Made from organic, unprocessed, unrefined combinations of real ingredients cut perfectly for little fingers to handle, Our pouches are flash-frozen to seal in peak nutrition and flavour. We deliver everything you need to make delicious, plant-based meals for your baby, quickly!

We know how stressful and overwhelming bringing up a little human can be and that's why it's important to us to help out in every way we can. And as we grow as a company we hope to come up with more exciting ways to help parents. Our service goes further than just food, for free we offer all of Mamamade members 24/7 weaning advice, something you can't yet get at the store.

After 700% growth since lockdown Mamamade has been featured in the The Telegraph (alongside the likes of HelloFresh) as the go-to subscription service for parents in the UK. 🚀

We have only just started! Click below to read the article in full.

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