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How To Celebrate Valentine's Day As New Parents

Feeling sexy and sleep deprivation don't exactly go hand-in-hand.

For new parents, it's very common for sex and romance to fall off the completely radar for a while!

But with Valentine's Day around the corner, new parents may be reminded of the romantic relationship they once had with each other.

With a national lockdown still in place across the UK, here are some suggestions for ways you can celebrate Valentine's Day without even leaving the house!

Try having sex


The thought of having sex for the first time after giving birth can be cringeworthy and anxiety-inducing for most women.

But, most new parents will at some stage want to get back to having an active sex life after having a baby. If you've been putting off the having postpartum sex, why not use Valentine's Day as an occasion to give it a try?

The NHS recommend waiting until after your 6 week postpartum checkup before having sex. But if you had a traumatic birth, or just don't feel ready, then you may wish (or need) to wait longer, and that's okay. 

Remember, they key word here is try. Sex doesn't have to be penetrative straight away if you don't feel you're ready. You can try being intimate by hugging, kissing and giving each other massages instead. Go slowly, take your time and most importantly, have fun!

Help your partner to relax


Parenting is hard and exhausting. One of the best gifts you can give your partner for Valentine's Day is a break to relax and recharge.

Offer to watch the baby so they can enjoy a soak in the bath, or take a nap on the sofa while you cook their favourite dinner. Even agreeing to do the night or early morning feeds so your partner can enjoy a blissful night of uninterrupted sleep is a gesture which will be much appreciated!

Make it about the three of you


Rather than trying to celebrate Valentine's Day as you did before becoming parents, turn the occasion into a family affair. 

You could make your own baby handprint or footprint art as a gift for your partner on Valentine's Day, so those teeny tiny little fingers and toes are captured forever!

Or wrap up warm and turn a romantic wintery walk into a family photoshoot to capture the memory of your first Valentine's Day as three.

If yet another lockdown has left you a fed up with walks and arts and crafts (we feel you), just snuggling up on the sofa with your baby, partner and favourite takeaway is a great way to bond. Take a moment of mindfulness to breathe and enjoy your baby and partner.

Manage your expectations


New parents will have probably discovered that life with a new baby can be unpredictable and not quite as expected. Valentine's Day is no exception to this!

Don't let the pressure from commercial expectations leave you feeling disappointed. If you try to make a plan for the day but baby has other plans (like demanding feeds and nappy changes!) then that's okay.

As long as and your partner are able to show love and appreciation for one another through small gestures, just go with the flow and don't be hard on yourself.


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