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How To Make A Pancake Platter - Brilliant Children’s Party Idea


We’re at the stage of toddlerhood where everything turns into a party: If we have pizza it’s a pizza party. If we have sandwiches cut into star shapes, it’s a mermaid party. If we have pancakes, it’s a pancake party! 🥳🥞

Having a three-year-old and a new baby, I try to make everyday things as fun as possible, so whether you’re looking for children’s tea party ideas, need an entertaining half term kids activity, or it’s just a Sunday breakfast at home, making a pancake platter is always a winner. I mean, grazing boards don’t have to just be for adults!Mamamade Pancake Platter Children's Party Ideas

A pancake platter is quick and easy to create and little hands can help out too. All you need is a couple of boards or large plates, a selection of your little’s favourite fresh fruit and pancake toppings, and Mamamade pancakes of your choice. We absolutely love the Mamamade pancakes in our household - they’re so quick and easy to prepare, just a few minutes in the microwave and they’re ready to go! They taste delicious (my Eva is obsessed with the new Mango Pancakes!), and there’s no mess at all which is always a good thing in my books.

Looking for children’s buffet party food ideas? This is where Mamamade comes in! If your little one has a food allergy and can sometimes feel left out with the choice of treats available at parties, then this pancake platter is a great option. All Mamamade pancakes (their whole range in fact!) is naturally free from the big-8 allergens, so if your little one is allergic to wheat, dairy or eggs, you can rest assured knowing these pancakes are suitable for them.

Mamamade Children's Tea Party Pancake Grazing Board


To prepare the pancake party platter, first lay down the Mamamade pancakes in the areas you’d like them, I find it works best if they’re placed down in a line on one side of the board. I usually pop a line of one flavour of pancakes on the left-hand side and one on the right.

Now add the fresh fruit in piles to build up the platter. I pop the fruit into bowls so my little girl can help me, most of the fruit ends up in her tummy though! Add the fruit one type at a time in small handfuls until all of the space on the board is used up. You can also bulk up the platter with other sweet bites - the Mamamade Cacao Brownies go down a treat!

You can use whatever fruit you like! Some ideas for fruit to try are:

  • Chopped strawberries 🍓
  • Raspberries 💕
  • Blueberries 🫐
  • Sliced bananas 🍌
  • Orange slices 🍊
  • Apple slices 🍎
  • Chopped up pineapple 🍍
  • Chopped up mango 🥭
  • Pomegranate 💗
  • Sliced kiwi 🥝

Mamamade Pancake Breakfast Platter

We like to use cutters to add shapes to the platters, my little girl Eva loves to do this bit and would add fruit flowers to every meal if she could! Fruit like sliced mango and apple works best for this. Getting the littles involved and giving them the choice of which fruit they’d like to add will encourage them to eat and try more fruit - it’s a win-win!

You can either keep the platter classic with just fruit and pancakes or you could add flowers or create a scene. Our favourite scene to create is a garden with flowers made out of berries but other ideas that would work are a rainbow, a beach scene or their favourite cartoon character if you’re feeling adventurous!

Mmamade Pancake Party Platters for Kids

And whilst I created these pancake boards with my toddler, there’s nothing to stop you from creating mini versions for your babies, too! Just follow these tips to make sure all food is cut safely for baby-led weaning!

Thanks so much to Mamamade for letting us create these pancake grazing platters, we had so much fun having a pancake party. My little Eva loved it so much, she told all of her teachers about it once she was back at school!

You can find me over on or on my Instagram @thelifelately - come and say hi!

Mamamade dairy-free, gluten-free pancakes

Thanks so much to Clare for giving us some amazing pancake charcuterie board inspiration! Who knew buffets for children’s parties could look so cool 😉

Giving this a go? Make sure to share your Mamamade pancake party snaps on Instagram tagging @hellomamamade and #WeMamamadeIt between now and Pancake Day (1st March) - we’ll reward you with 250 Mamamade loyalty points!*

Love, Team Mamamade x

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OBSESSED with this! Can’t wait to make my own pancake platter grazing board – they look like so much fun! Yum.

Jazz February 28, 2022

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