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How to Make Butternut Squash Purée for Babies

Hi Mamamates 👋🏻

Ever wondered how we make our Butternut Squash Purée at Mamamade HQ?
Well, you are in for a treat because I'll let you in on the process 🤫

But firstly let's emphasise the fact that we use organic fruits and vegetables at Mamamade, this means that all our products are healthier, fresher and farmed using an environmentally friendly method. In short, organic food contains fewer chemicals and pesticides, they have no artificial colouring, it's less damaging to farmlands (oh, and it's also proven to taste better 👍🏼)

We want our food to taste like home-cooked meals! The heartiness, the warmth and the portion sizes - you get the gist. Would you believe that we follow nearly the exact same process to make a butternut squash purée as you would at home? But also, have you ever prepped a butternut squash at home? At Mamamade, we do all the hard work for you - no need to worry about the hassle that comes with mealtime: The cooking, the lack of time, the mess, the cleaning and sometimes even the lack of equipment. We know that parenting is a juggling act, and we understand that a little bit of help from us can go a long way.

Here's what our butternut squash purée process looks like:

  • We have a kitchen full of chefs who work hard to prepare your little one's food by hand. We start by thoroughly washing the organic butternut squash with water before we cut it lengthwise through the stem.

  • Then we remove all the seeds and stringy bits from inside the butternut squash (a spoon is handy here!)

  • Our chef then places the butternut squash skin side up on a baking tray and bakes it in our oven for around 45 mins or until it's soft.

  • After that stage, we carefully scoop out the soft-baked flesh and purée it with a blender until smooth. That's it! Nothing else!

(Fun Fact - Butternut Squash is an excellent source of Beta-Carotene, which supports the immune system and healthy eye development)

  • The purée is then individually packaged by hand and set aside to be flash frozen. This process helps to keep in all the nutrients and goodness from the organic fruit and veg - it also helps maintain its taste as it freezes.

  • The butternut squash purée is then labelled and ready to be dispatched to you and your little one when you order.


 Try our butternut squash Purée today!

The benefits of having a Mamamade subscription is countless! Whether you want a quick and easy ready-to-eat meal sent to your doorstep, or if you just want the peace of mind of knowing mealtime is taken care of. And don't forget, your subscription comes with free access to a mealtime coach - ask them whatever you want or need about your baby's weaning journey or your toddler's evolving appetite. They are here to help no matter the situation!

Mamamade was started by parents to help modern parents like you. So don't be a stranger. Join our community on Instagram and on Facebook to connect, share, educate and feel like a part of something much bigger.

Himanshi @ Mamamade

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