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Is It Time To Start Weaning!?

This is such an exciting time for you and your baby! It's overwhelming and sometimes tiresome but that's okay because we're here every step of the way!

Congratulations on getting this far... if you're getting ready to introduce solids, you've come through to the other side. The worst of newborn life is (hopefully) behind you. Let's get you geared up and ready for the next stage of parenthood.

Firstly, understand that weaning takes time, it's a process, and like with any other, it needs an open mind, a positive attitude, and patience...A LOT OF PATIENCE...

So, let's find out if your little one is ready to wean. There are signs to look out for (and PS - they usually don't appear in combination until - 6 months, but you know your baby best!)

  1. Most importantly, they are 4 months or above.

  2. They are able to sit up on their own and hold their head steady.

  3. They can coordinate their hands, eyes, and mouth. So basically, can they confidently hold objects and put them in their mouth?

  4. Are they eying up your food and strategically mapping out ways to get some?

  5. They've been able to swallow that mushy little taster you've kindly offered them on a little spoon or finger (no tongue-thrusting here!).

When in doubt ask your Health Visitor or GP for advice! However, If you've been reading through this list with a relatable example for each, you're in luck! keep reading...

Now that we've established that it's time to start weaning, you'll need some gear to get you and your little one started. Here are some tools that we at Mamamade recommend:

We all know how important it is to have vegetables in our daily diet! Research suggests, that to help your little ones develop a taste for it, single vegetable flavours should be introduced early on in the weaning process.

So, why not try giving your baby a sweet potato, carrot or parsnip pureed an hour before their feed as a way to introduce it into their daily routine. But don't worry - no need to get hung up on which food you offer first. The key is to offer variety over time.

It's a learning experience for both of you! try different combinations to develop your baby's taste buds and take yourself on a journey that will help your parenting bond be stronger. Just remember, it will take your baby a few tries to get it right. Also, persistence is key, so keep going and have fun! We're here if you need us...

Don't know where to start? Run out of combinations or just want to try something new, check out Mamamade's First Tastes Purees Bundle to help your baby discover hearty vegetables and spices, with heaps of nutritional benefits. You'll want to taste them too 😉

You got This!


Team Mamamade

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