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Making Weaning Easy! Time-Saving & Money-Saving Tips With Chloe Forde - The Mamamade Podcast Episode 7

It's time for the last episode of season 1 of The Mamamade Podcast - Am I Doing This Right?

We still can't believe that we've managed to pull off such an amazing resource for all modern-day parents! Starting from an idea to now finishing off the final episode πŸ™ŒπŸΌ What a journey it's been, and we've so proud of it. We've brought on such inspirational influencers, experts and friends along with us to help parents just like you feel resonated with, encouraged and supported.

In this episode of The Mamamade Podcast, we're talking about all the ups and downs of parenthood. Especially figuring out ways in which we all can look at the process of weaning in a positive light instead of seeing it as an obstacle course. We're joined by Chloe Forde, who's sharing her top tips and tricks for general day-to-day time-saving, organisation, and money-saving recommendations that can help you or even your friend or partner juggle all the different roles that modern-day parents have to play. We don't just stop there! Join Sophie and Chloe as they talk about their shared experiences, views, opinions, hobbies and so much more.

An image of Chloe Forde

Who is Chloe Ford? 🌻

What a way to finish off the season than with Chloe Forde ⭐️ A London based fashion stylist, influencer and founder ofΒ @aceandprince, along with being a mum of two! Chloe's work is so refreshing, and her eye for detail and fashion is fantastic. She's a creative individual who uses her Instagram as a peep-hole into all the behind the scenes from career to motherhood πŸ₯° So if you don't already, make sure you give her a follow πŸ“Έ @chloe_forde

Let's talk budgeting πŸ’Έ

Being a parent nowadays, with all the options and temptations we have, it can get really tough to save money and buy what you need when you need it, especially when you're weaning and trying to raise a healthy family. We all know that being healthy can sometimes come at a price, but it doesn't always have to! Chloe shares her shopping routines and recommendations to live a healthy, happier and grateful life without spending the big bucks. We've all been there πŸ˜… looking at your bank account at the end of the month or scanning through the overly long food-shop recipe πŸ‘€ Yup, you aren't alone! If this resonates with you, then please do listen to this helpful episode.

Making Weaning Easy! Time-Saving & Money-Saving Tips With Chloe Forde - The Mamamade Podcast Episode 7 - Listen Now

Thank you so much to Chloe ford for joining us for the last episode of The Mamamade podcast. We've loved chatting with you and sharing all your top tips, tricks and recommendations! I'm sure that this episode will be one that post-modern-day parents will come back to time and time again not only for your amazing advice but also for the sisterhood-like nature of our chat πŸ’œ

If you haven't already, click here to listen to the episode! And please share your thoughts below in the comments or by sending us a DM onΒ Instagram. We're all ears for parenting views, experiences, and recommendations!

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