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Mamamade's Baby Snacks and Finger Foods

As some of you may know, Mamamade has a variety of organic meals, purées and snacks for your baby and toddlers. But did you know that our snacks are perfect for any occasion?

Having a tough morning and want something quick and easy to make without putting in all the hard work? No problem... Our Banana Oat Pancakes are perfect for a versatile breakfast snack. Try adding healthy toppings of your choice - fresh fruit, or honey if your child is 12 months or older. Or, let your little one enjoy them on-the-go as a tasty finger food option. The best part is that they are a great source of fibre from the oats, buckwheat flour and chia seeds. These organic pancakes will help to keep your baby's digestive system moving along nicely.

We've all been stuck in that situation where we run out of sweet treats and have nothing to offer our little munchkins! Well, Mamamade's Cacao Brownie Bites are perfect for these sort of situations. Made with gluten-free flour, chia seeds and Medjool dates, these tasty brownie bites are packed with healthy ingredients and are a plant-based source of calcium. Perfect for daytime treats or offer as dessert for your toddler. Did we mention these are nutritionist-approved? Top tip: if you want some quick cakes, melt some chocolate over the top and Tah-Dah, you've got yourself some bite-sized healthy cakes!

Having a day out and forgot to make lunch for your baby! All you have to do is grab our Sweet Potato, Broccoli & Pea Purée out of the fridge and put it in your bag ready for when you need it - it's perfect for on the go feeding. An amazing blend of sweet veg, packed with Vitamin C and soluble fibre to help your baby’s digestive system.

Got a toddler who's got the munchies? It can be so easy to offer them quick snacks that have minimal nutritional value. We've all done it, A few biscuits here, A crisp packet there. We at Mamamade have the ideal alternative: Our Red Pepper Polenta Fingers - a source of beta-carotene and naturally low in sugar. Red pepper contains folate, which helps support a healthy nervous system and brain. They will keep you little one fuller for longer and provide them with some of the goodness they need for their day.

Got a toddler who's just not in the mood? (I mean, are they ever?) Have a backup snack of our Veggie Millet Bites ready at hand. A toddler pick-me-up in finger food form; millet can aid the body to produce serotonin, which can surprisingly help lift the mood during those little temper tantrums or those grumpy "I'm not feeling it" kinda days. Handy for on-the-go snacking! This finger food recipe mixes our two favourite protein-rich 'ancient-grains', quinoa and millet, into a yummy bite-sized portion perfect for a last-minute lunch or snack.

These are only some of the snacks and finger foods that we offer! We've got a wide range to try. So, wait no further and check out our collections and bundles.

Happy Munching.

Love Team,


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