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Marine Tanguy on Balancing Her Career & New Motherhood

Soulful, gorgeous (like beyond!) and warm, Marine, founder and CEO of MTArt - the first agency for artists across the globe, has just added 'mama' to her impressive calling card. 

Here, this incredible new mother shares what it is like to balance a busy career with a new baby, asking for help + support as a new mum, and plans for her agency. Basically - Marine's nailed the formula of balance and living the good life with career, family and self-care. We're so thrilled to share her story @marinetanguyart 

Marine Tanguy with son Atlas at the Rosewood Hotel

Your son Atlas is brand new! How are you finding everything?

Really wonderful - it’s so meaningful and just a joy to see this little human growing up to become someone. It has also made me love my partner even more!

As an entrepreneur, how do you balance taking maternity leave given your important role at your agency? How do you divide your time and energy?

I didn’t want to take maternity leave, so my partner Will took a longer paternity leave and we are lucky to have a wonderful nanny.

My business fills me with purpose and energy, and I can give so much more to my son because I am happy. I wanted Atlas to feel integrated as part of it and at only two months old, it’s such a joy to see that he is comfortable being social and in the studios of artists.

Marine Tanguy, MTArt with son Atlas

Do you think it’s important for your son to grow up with his mum working and running her own business? How do you think this will positively impact him?

I just want him to grow up surrounded by people who are happy and his dad and I are lucky to do what we love and succeed at doing it. We also have many friends around us - I really just want  Atlas to grow up surrounded by interesting people, loving people and kind people!

You’ve spoken a lot about how social media affects our minds, and the visual junk out there, and you’ve managed to create a wonderful online presence and community to chip away at this. What has been your experience with community both online and off in motherhood + pregnancy?

So loving - I love my community and I am so lucky to have such a strong support. It’s like a little family. They gave me love, support and advice. 

Marine Tanguy with son Atlas

Do you have any time for self-care? Any wellness hacks you’ve leaned on?

Yes! I dance, cycle and read : )

Advice to your pre-mum self about becoming a mum?

Just think about who you want to become as a mother and stick to it. If you become the mother you wanted to be, it’s easy.

Advice for women who are embarking on motherhood and running a business?

It will be just as challenging as running a business and just as a meaningful too!

What's in store for you and MTArt?

Our artists are booming and it’s such a joy to see collectors, brands and partners rushing to work with them. We are opening an office in the USA soon… 

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