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Spice Up Your Life With 3x NEW Organic Baby Food Recipes

Hey Mamamates! Have you herb the news? Three brand new organic baby food recipes have joined our delicious lineup - all designed by Team Mamamade, tested by Mamamade taste testers, approved by a child nutritionist and made by a professional chef!

So whether you’re baby led weaning or looking for toddler meals for your seasoned foodie, scroll on to discover the three plant-based meals and finger foods that are all big on flavour and packed with the nutrients your little one needs. And the best bit? They arrive frozen to your door and can be cooked in minutes. Mealtime made easy! 🙌

Lineup of three new Mamamade meal and finger food packs


We know we shouldn’t have favourites, but if we did, it would certainly be our Five Spice Rice Bites! These baby finger foods pack a big-flavour punch, thanks to a delicious combo of diced carrots, basmati rice, onion, mushrooms, savoy cabbage, baby corn, coconut aminos, extra virgin olive oil, garlic puree, Chinese five-spice, and ground ginger. Yum.

This nutritionist-approved recipe is suitable for babies 6m+, and the ingredients are combined to support your little one’s immunity and the development of a healthy gut. From anti-inflammatory properties and vitamin C to help relax blood vessels, these ingredients are a must for adding to your little one’s meal rotation.

Two images in collage - one showing Five Spice Rice Bites being cooked in the microwave, and the other showing a little girl posing next to some of the new finger foods.


Enjoy the lentil things (see what we did there? 😅) our Red Lentil & Pepper Bites. Made with sweet red pepper, red split lentils, millet, extra virgin olive oil, gluten-free flour, mushroom powder, garlic puree, ground black pepper, these small but mighty bites are perfect for baby weaning at 6 months, right up to toddler age.

Millet and lentils are a powerhouse for complex carbohydrates and proteins supporting your little one's energy production, growth and development, helping provide a diverse diet and promote a healthy gut for your little toddler. Did somebody say pepper power?

Image collage - one image showing baby picking up Red Lentil & Pepper Bites, and the other shows the outer packaging.


Little one gearing up to explore new tastes and flavours? Then our brand new Spiced Veg & Lentil Medley is for you! Tingle your baby’s taste buds with this adventurous, flavourful dish that's packed with red lentils, spinach, aubergines, mushrooms, dried apricots, extra virgin olive oil, garlic puree, lemon juice, ground nutmeg, dried basil, ground coriander, ground allspice - it’s basically fruity curry on a baby spoon!

Suitable for 6months+, this plant-based meal contains aubergines which contain B vitamins - which has been linked to brain development, bone growth and energy production. The lentils are also loaded with nutrients, including iron, protein and fibre, and are cooked with lemon juice to help your little one get the most out of the iron 🍋

Image collage - one showing a bowl of Spiced Lentil & Veg Medley, and the other showing a little girl about to eat the meal.


📦 Purees & Bites Bundle (6m+) now includes Red Lentil & Pepper Bites.

📦 BLW Favourites Bundle (6m+) now includes Spiced Veg & Lentil Medley, Red Lentil & Pepper Bites and Five Spice Rice Bites.

📦 Bestsellers Bundle (7m+) now includes Spiced Veg & Lentil Medley and Red Lentil & Pepper Bites.

📦 Finger Foods Only Bundle (6m+) now includes Red Lentil & Pepper Bites and Five Spice Rice Bites.

📦 I'm a total pro' Variety Bundle (9-12m) now includes Spiced Veg & Lentil Medley, Five Spice Rice Bites and Red Lentil & Pepper Bites.

📦 Finger Foods Only Bundle (Toddler) now includes Red Lentil & Pepper Bites and Five Spice Rice Bites.

📦 Toddler Meals and Snack Bundle now includes Five Spice Rice Bites.

You can also add these tasty new additions to your next Build-A-Box Subscription!

Mamamade pink delivery box surrounded by colourful Mamamade meal packs

A lot of love, organic ingredients and big-flavours have gone into our new veggie kids meals and finger foods, so we hope you love them! Who knew organic baby food could taste so good? 😉

Let us know which one you’re most excited to try in the comments, Mamamates - we can’t wait to hear what you think 💜

Love, Jazz & Team Mamamade x

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