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Share the Load + Love by Referring a Friend to Mamamade

Mamamade has always been more than food; our meals offer much-needed support, time + convenience for busy parents. And that’s why our mission at Mamamade has always been clear; to share the load and love 💜

Parenting can be hard, overwhelming and sometimes even lonely; so we know just how much it can mean when you receive a text of appreciation, a helping hand, or a recommendation from another parent. We can’t do it all ourselves, and it sure does help to know that there are other parents who have been there, done that, and got the food-stained t-shirt!

It really does take a village, don’t you think? Send a friend a helping hand for mealtime with £10 off their first Mamamade box, filled with delicious and nutritious meals for their little one.

In turn, as a thank you for putting your trust in us, we’ll share the love by giving you refer-a-friend credit - worth £20. Usually, you’ll get £10 credit for referring a friend, but we’re feeling extra generous at the moment* 🥰 And get this, your points won’t expire, and there is no limit to how many friends you can refer.


💻 Log into your Mamamade account

💜 Click Loyalty Rewards, then Refer Friends

📱 Share your unique refer-a-friend link with friends, family + on your social media

📦 When someone clicks your unique link, they will receive a code for £10 off their first order.

💗 Once their order is completed, we’ll credit your account with 2,000 points (worth £20).

🤑 Points will then show in your Mamamade, and you can spend them on a whole host of Mamamade rewards!


When you refer-a-friend or complete other actions found on our Loyalty Page (such as placing an order and following us on Facebook), credit will be added to your account for you to spend when you want, how you want.

Rewards include money off your next order, or even the opportunity to create your own Mamamade meal with us! We’ll be launching many more ways to earn and spend points in 2022 - stay tuned 🎉

Happy referring, and happy shopping!

Love, Team Mamamade x


*Receive double loyalty points for referring a friend for a limited time only. Usually 1000 points = £10.

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