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Resources & Support For Black Pregnant Women

In a shocking report from MBRACE-UK, it was revealed that there is a four times higher maternal death risk for black women than white women in the UK.

This report sparked outrage, a national government petition and a powerful documentary - Rochelle Humes' The Black Maternity Scandal: Dispatches, which was aired on Channel 4 on 29th March (you can watch on catch up if you missed it).

The maternal mortality rates for black women in the UK is now scheduled to be debated in parliament on 19th April.

Ahead of this debate, we have pulled together some resources and support groups for black and asian pregnant women. Here you'll find find expert doulas, midwives, health visitors and support groups you can reach out to.

Mars Lord 



Mars Lord is a life coach, award-winning doula and birth activist who is passionate about advocating for birth rights and making birth a better experience for all pregnant women.

Mars has actively spoken out against the disproportionate maternal death rates in the UK and is passionate about changing this statistic.

Abuela Doulas



Abuela Doulas is the first black owned, founded and created UK doula course who advocate bringing black cultural traditions into the birthing space, founded and owned by Mars Lord.

Abuela Doulas are passionate about supporting black birthers and raising awareness of black maternal experiences. Their website has a fantastic doula directly for pregnant women who are looking to hire a doula. Their doulas offer antenatal and postnatal support as well as support during birth.

Five x More



Five x More is an organisation founded by two black mothers who are committed to highlighting and changing the maternal outcomes for black women across the UK. They were behind the black maternal death rates petition, which is now scheduled to be debated in parliament 19th April.

Their focus is on educating black women to make informed decisions about their bodies and to empower them to become advocates during their pregnancy and childbirth to counter the NHS statistics.

Their website offers 6 actionable steps that black pregnant women can take to help put an end to shocking statistics, as well as steps for birth partners who are supporting a black women give birth.

Black Mums Matter Too



The Black Mums Matter Too campaign has recently recruited 200 black mums-to-be or mums with babies 3 months old or less to receive free, expert-led support via the Peppy app. Applications for this are now closed, however they are using their Instagram page now to build a support network and community of black mums and mums-to-be.



Birthrights is an organisation which promotes human rights in pregnancy and childbirth and the lawful treatment of women in maternity care.

Birthrights is undertaking a national inquiry into racial injustice in maternity care throughout 2021.

If your an expectant or new parent, please feel free to head over and join our Mamamates community on Facebook. We're an inclusive, friendly bunch of parents who share the highs and lows of parenting.

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