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Six Fun Ways To Upcycle Your Purée Pots

At Mamamade, we’re all about finding new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle to do our bit for the planet. Did you know that we also run a scheme meaning all of our outer packaging (box + denim liners) and paper meal sleeves can be packed up and returned back to us, so we can use them again in the future? Everything other than the denim liners can also be home-recycled for convenience, but there also loads of creative ways to reuse and upcycle your Mamamade packaging at home. To celebrate World Recycling Week, we’re sharing six fun and easy ways to reuse our purée pots with your little ones.


Baby with puree pot - @thelifelately1. Homemade Purée Pots

One simple way to make the most of our purée pots is to refill them with your own homemade purées or blended up leftovers. Mamamate Chloe Goodman says that Mamamade pots ‘are perfect for when I’m cooking for the family and can whizz up some bits’ for her little one. Just refrigerate or freeze once refilled and keep for a convenient time! 

2. Fruit Pots

Our purée pots are the perfect size for storing a fruit-based snack for your little one to enjoy at school or nursery. Fill it with berries, grapes, chunks of apple, or a fruit salad, pop the lid on and have no worries about sticky fruit juice getting all over their bag… result!

3. Decorative Pots

Turning your used purée pots into decorations is a great toddler activity for those festive times of year. Mamamate Jessica Wetherall-Buckle has been prepping for Halloween early with these cute decorations (pictured below). Simply grab some paint and go wild! This can work for Christmas too - just pierce a hole in the bottom and thread a loop of string through it if you want to hang them on a tree 🎄

Kids halloween craft ideas @mummy_and_mason4. Grow Pots

Teaching your little ones about growing fresh produce is a great way to get them engaged in the world, where things come from, and why sustainability is so important. An easy and fun way to get them started is to grow cress in empty Mamamade purée pots - here’s how:

  1. Clean out your puree pot.
  2. Line damp kitchen roll or cotton wool along the bottom of the pot.
  3. Sprinkle a teaspoon of cress seeds over the wet tissue and press them down (you can order these online or pick these up from a local garden centre).
  4. Place them in a warm sunny place and spritz with water once a day until the cress is fully grown - this should take about a week 🌱

If you’re really looking to up the ante, why not paint the purée pots first? Your little once can turn them into animals or characters and as the cress grows it will look like a hairdo emerging from the top!

5. Phone Pots

Looking for a fun activity to give your little one a screen break? Why not revisit the tin-can telephone days of your own childhood and make a Mamamade purée pot telephone? This is a fun activity for toddlers and very simple to do - here’s how:

  1. Pierce a hole in the bottom of two empty purée pots (be sure to do this yourself and keep sharp objects away from the kids).
  2. Cut a piece of brown string to your desired length (we recommend at least a metre).
  3. Thread your string through both pots and tie in a knot at each end of the string to block it from slipping through the , making sure that the knots are on inside section of each pot.
  4. That’s it! Pull the string taught and let your little ones speak to each other through their new makeshift telephone - or get involved yourself!

kids playing with tin can phone6. Craft Pots

If you’re planning on doing some crafts with the little ones, why not use a few washed-out purée pots to divide up paint, decorations, glue and other materials. This is a great way to regulate how much of everything is used and keep mess at a minimum (disclosure: mess-free kids crafts can never be guaranteed). Your little one can even use a new pot to mix different paints into and experiment with creating new colours.

Top tip: only fill them up with a couple centimetres of paint to keep any splashes on the inside of the pot.

We hope you have fun upcycling your pots! Remember to let us know how you get on and tag @hellomamamade on instagram if you share 💜

Love, Sophie & Team Mamamade x

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