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The Basics Of Daily Affirmations: Guide Yourself And Your Kids Towards A Positive Mindset.

Looking after your mental health is so important, especially with all that we have to juggle. I'm not only talking about the parents here but also the kids, no matter their age. We all have hurdles that sometimes make us feel defeated.

I have always believed that it's important to create a positive mindset, even though it sounds easier said than done. You might surprise yourself if you try it; think about it like this, to help a flower grow and flourish, you have to water it and look after it. The same goes for people; the obvious one is to firstly eat healthy food and look after the mind - be kind to yourself and one another. And most importantly, say positive things to yourself that you might need to hear.

This is where affirmations come into play. It's all about positive statements and the way that you talk to yourself and others. According to research, affirmations can help people overcome personal challenges and self-sabotage. All you have to do is say a few nice things to yourself every day - It'll take some time, but before you know it, you'll start to believe in the things you say. You can choose to do this by yourself or with your kids to help them develop a positive outlook on things.

It kind of makes sense, you know, we go to the gym and do workouts to look after our body and physical health, but what about our mental and spiritual health?

So, I've done most of the work for you! Here are some daily affirmations for your and your kids:

The power of "I Am" statements!

This one's a TikTok Favourite for your kids - created by @Missjantzen

  • I am awesome

  • I am unique

  • I am loved

  • I am a good friend

  • I am a good child

  • I am a good student

  • I am smart

Morning affirmation song

The perfect one to get you and your kids out of bed and ready for the day - created by @Sarah.saidsomething

  • I work hard I am smart and I always try my best

  • I am gonna make mistakes but I get better every day

  • I am helpful and respectful

  • I am loved I'm enough

  • Today will be a great day because I'll make it that way

Subconscious affirmation

This one's the holy grail and help you to unpackage all the weight on your shoulders.

created by @cat.ubyou

  • I am grateful to be alive, I am creating a life I love and I am proud of myself

  • I am surrounded by those that love, support and understand me

  • My opinions matter

  • I am valuable, I am respected, I am worthy and I am enough

  • I am beautiful inside and out

  • I am confident, I am kind and compassionate

  • I have faith in my desires

  • I easily accomplish my goals, I am powerful and I am safe

  • I love and respect myself

Guiding yourself or your little ones with affirmations doesn't always come naturally and can sometimes mean taking a step out of your comfort zone, but be persistent and trust in yourself and the process. There are loads of apps available to guide you into your journey of affirmations I would highly recommend trying the Mindful Affirmations It's a nice app to use with your kids as it has amazing illustrations, hundreds of pre-recorded affirmations divided into playlists and categories such as Stress, Daily Happiness, Motivation and many more! It also has the ability to let you record your own affirmations and a notifications option to remind you of your new positive habit.

We'd love to hear some affirmations created by our community too, if you've got some, please send them our way on our Instagram and Facebook group.


Himanshi @ Mamamade

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