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To the Rescue: Myleene Klass on Babies, Balance and Building My Supper Hero

Have you ever watched your little one enjoying their fresh Mamamade meal and just envied the convenience of it? Me too. That’s why I was so excited to speak with Myleene Klass, co-founder of My Supper Hero - a restaurant quality meal subscription service which makes grown-up mealtimes deliciously easy. It’s always great chatting to another mum in business and Myleene was no exception! Read on to hear all about My Supper Hero, Myleene’s life lessons as both a co-founder and mum, and a very exciting competition. Enjoy!

My Supper Hero Veggie Roast Dinner

Hi Myleene, we’re so excited to be interviewing you for Mamamade today. Even though we’re sure so many people in our community know you, tell us a little about yourself and your family…
I am a broadcaster and musician. I have the longest-running celebrity children's clothes brand in the UK, currently sold at Next in 33 countries, and I sell one dress every 45 seconds with my womenswear range, also at Next. I’ve just written a book called They Don’t Teach This At School, which is a manual crammed full of life skills and, amazingly, is also a Sunday Times bestseller. But first and foremost, my most important job is as mum to Ava, Hero and my baby boy Apollo who goes by the nickname, ‘Snoopy’.

I love hearing how other mums started their businesses. So, how did My Supper Hero come to life?
I have been friends with Co-Founder Jamie Barber since our daughters attended primary school together. On one occasion, I was telling Jamie how I was constantly running out of ideas for what to cook the family and how I had scrolling fatigue from skimming through countless menus. And that’s how My Supper Hero was born. I love it - from the second the exquisitely stylish box arrives on your doorstep down to the exceptionally curated meal inside. It all feels like a real hearty, brilliant treat. It also really helps that Jamie is an awesome family man with great entrepreneurial skills and a big heart.

My Supper Hero Myleene Klass

From one start-up founder to another - what’s been the most challenging part of starting your business? And the most enjoyable?
The part I find the hardest is also the most fun: the beginning. Figuring out the handwriting of your brand, who your customer is and what you’re giving them, getting to understand what they want and need. It means working long hours, doubting why you started in the first place, then remembering you’ve come too far to quit. Et voila, you have a business!

Describe your motherhood experience in three words…
Love to extreme!

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned since becoming a parent?
All the stuff you think you know, you really don’t. Children only live in the now, whether they are bored, cold, tired or hungry. Awareness of time is non-existent and the ability to have fun is off the scale. Also, I never knew I could love three little people the way I do.

My Supper Hero food ideas

Your children range from toddlers to teenagers - how did your weaning journey differ between them all?
With my firstborn, Ava, I curated batch cooked meals with expert planning, froze them up and labelled them ready for the week ahead, covered all food groups. Hero, I made less meals and mixed up food from what I was having - I definitely froze less. With my youngest, he eats whatever is to hand. I haven’t batch cooked or frozen a single thing; if we’re having it, so is he.

I sort of hate this question, but I’m always curious to know - how do you balance parenting and being a business leader? Can you share any of your top tips/hacks/learnings?
Accepting that some things are going to give, that you are doing the best you can and that sleep will come when you’re dead! Best tips: be organised, know your brand, and go with your gut every time.

How did you first come across Mamamade? And what's your favourite aspect of our brand?
One of my mum friends told me about it. I love the homemade, handpicked element. Everything is literally catered for.

What’s next for you and My Supper Hero?
Further distribution, larger menus and bigger dinner parties! The food is out of this world, the portions are generous and they’re all pre prepared for you so there’s less chopping and more chatting. The perfect night in.

Everyone needs the fuss taken out of mealtimes now and again, whether it’s children or parents. But this doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on quality, sustainability, or flavour.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with healthy meal subscription service My Supper Hero to give you the chance to win £100 worth of homemade meals delivered to your door - just take a trip to our instagram to enter! Can't bear to wait? Get 30% off your first My Supper Hero order in July with code MAMAMADE30 (you're welcome).

Love, Sophie & Team Mamamade x

Want to hear more from Sophie and Myleene? Click here to watch their instagram live, where the two founders chat about motherhood, startup life, and the search for that (possibly mythical) work/life balance.

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