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Top 10 House Cleaning Tips For Busy Parents

It's that time of year again! The summer is coming to an end, you’ve gained a new lease of energy from your long-awaited sunny holiday or found motivation in a brand new planner, and you’re ready to kick off “back to school (or nursery!)” mode with a bang. While you’re getting into the swing of your new routine, September can also be the perfect time to create easy and manageable cleaning habits, setting precedent for the rest of the school year. We caught up with our friends over at Nimble, who gave us their top 10 practical tips for busy parents to get a handle on that never-ending chore, without stress.

Nimble Cleaning Products

1. Tackle the 'worst' job first

We know that not everyone enjoys cleaning as much as we do, and we understand how hard it can be to get motivated when the tasks on your list are just plain rubbish. But honestly, one of the best tips is to get the worst jobs done straight away.

When you do this, you're more likely to feel motivated to do the other jobs you don't mind as much. Plus, you won't have a chance to put it off or have it hanging over your head as a dreaded chore all day.

Try it and see what you think!

2. Get the kids to help

This might seem counter-productive but stay with us for a moment. Getting the kids to help is a great way to give them a little independence around the house and teach them how to work as part of a team in taking care of their surroundings.

But make sure to provide them with age-appropriate tasks, and always keep cleaning products away from tiny hands at all times.

Here’s some tasks that a toddler can do: gather the dirty clothes and put them in the washing machine, empty small bathroom wastebaskets, put the toys away. It’s important to make them responsible for it in the house, they will be more likely to take part and feel proud of their work.

3. Tackle the house by task

Rather than moving from room to room, how about tackling the jobs task by task instead?

For example, clean all the floors and then declutter before going to the next chore. This will save you getting the hoover or mop out countless times for each room— instead, you get them out and put them away for good, once you're done.

4. Declutter as you go

Decluttering is a huge task, but it's really not as bad if you break it down into smaller, more manageable chunks. If you tidy and sort as you go round, you'll find the cleaning gets done more quickly.

5. Quick and easy

When you're a busy parent, time is of the essence, so it makes sense to crack on and clean as much as you can. But sometimes the logistics around cleaning can be daunting.

Using Nimble’s Sticky Stopper, our multi-purpose cleaner to target the surfaces or areas you want to clean: spray, wipe, and go. It works wonders on all things like highchairs (think weaning messy moments!), floors, changing mats, potties, handles, bathroom… you name it! One spray for all sticky situations.

Plus, there’s no need to carry a bowl of soapy water around with you, or change anti-bac cleaner depending on the surface — that will only slow you down!

Nimble Cleaning Products

6. Add storage tubs to rooms that need it

As you do your cleaning routine, you might notice that some rooms are getting messier than others. If that's the case in your home, it might be a good idea to invest in some storage tubs to contain the 'mess' a little more easily in-between cleaning days – think The Home Edit.

Just don't forget you've stashed the clutter in there! Make a mental reminder to go through it when you have a quiet moment… if that ever happens!

7. Don't forget the toys!

The toy box is just as necessary to clean, so don't leave it out. A quick spray with the Sticky Stopper and a wipe down with a damp cloth is enough to keep germs at bay and leave everything ready for the next playtime.

For cuddly toys, put them in the wash every now and then using our Nimble Laundry lover non-bio detergent – perfect to fight stains and be gentle on skin.

8. Set a timer

One of the best ways to get through back-to-school cleaning quickly is to set yourself the challenge of getting it done before the timer goes off! You'll be surprised how effective this is!

The timer idea is also good to set a time limit to manage the stress that may come with cleaning.

You’ll feel more satisfied and will go through it easily. It’s also a good one for family challenges too 😊

9. Recycle whatever you can

Clutter can take over the house, and this just seems to escalate when you've got kids! While cleaning and tidying, put aside old clothes, toys, books, etc., and mark them for recycling. Donate to charity, gift them to friends, or even sell what you don't use. There's no point holding on to stuff you just don't need, and there's no point in throwing things away unnecessarily either!

10. Clean little and often

The big clean aside, what’s the best way to make sure cleaning the house isn't a huge chore you just want to keep putting off? Clean little and clean often!

When you use the bathroom in the morning, give the sink a wipe round and clean the toilet. Wipe the kitchen counters as you go along when making food (again, our Sticky Stopper is excellent to have on hand for this!) and regularly check for 'hot spots' around the house where clutter tends to collect.

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Thanks so much to the team at Nimble for yet another informative and helpful blog!

Love Sophie & Team Mamamade x

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