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Want To Know More About Our New Pancakes? Your Guide To The Mamamade Pancake Launch!

You asked for it, and we listened! 📣

Our bestselling, fan-favourite pancakes have arrived in four new flippin' fantastic flavours…

You might ask why? Well, it's because you can never have too much of a good thing! The feedback we have received around our pancakes has been amazing, and we knew that we could take them to the next level. We wanted to make a diverse, nutritional selection of pancakes full of flavour and goodies that are healthy, fun and nourishing for not only your little ones but also for you to enjoy.

I asked Sophie the founder of Mamamade about her inspiration for these delicious pancakes and why they do so well.

"For me, Mamamade has always been about supporting parents. There have always been loads of options for spoon-feeding, but when it came to finger foods and snacking - the selection was underwhelming. I should have known how popular these yummy pancakes would become. They're a firm fam-fave, and we couldn't resist dreaming up new combinations to keep things exciting! We've been asking and listening to what you - our community - have wanted. I can't wait to hear what you guys think of these new options." - Sophie Baron

So, you already know about our original holy grail banana oat pancakes; at this point, who doesn't! Click to read "Why our Banana Oat Pancakes are weaning favourites for so many families!". Well, that recipe has paved the way forward as the base for all of our new pancake additions (Banana, oat milk and gluten-free oats).

Without further ado, let's meet the new lineup 🥳

  • SPINACH OAT PANCAKES: Don't let the green monsterish colour scare you off! It's a mixture created of spinach and spirulina. Spirulina is basically a type of blue-green algae with strong antioxidant effects, a magical substance that is jam-packed with nutrients, minerals and other beneficial properties. If you want to know more, click here for our blog "What is spirulina". On the other hand, spinach also plays a significant role as it helps provide bone-supporting Vitamin K and many others.

  • BEETROOT APPLE PANCAKES: Nothing beets these! 😉 These tiny powerhouse pancakes are a perfect one for the rotation, as beetroot and apple are sources of fibre, they can help keep your baby's and toddlers digestive system in check, keeping it regular and moving. On the plus side, the vibrant red from the beetroot creates a plate full of fun. So let them explore to their heart's content because these pancakes are here to stay.

  • MANGO OAT PANCAKES: This one sounds like a heavenly summer delight, but all year round. The mangoes contain most B-Vitamins, including high levels of folate and vitamin B6 - nutrients that will power your little one's brain and body functions. Did you know that B6 is often deficient in babies? Yeah, which is why we here at Mamamade have combined taste with practicality! That's not all; we've gone all out because mango is also high in fibre and contains vitamin C, essential for keeping your baby's immune functions in check. Plus, with the addition of turmeric, we've made sure that your baba gets their much-needed dose of iron and anti-inflammatory properties. We always encourage introducing spices to your kid's meals as it helps them develop a more sophisticated palette.

  • SWEET POTATO PANCAKES: This one's from my experience, is the must-try! If you're looking for that perfect snack weather, it is for breakfast or just on the go. This is it - it's warming, sweet and tingly. Let's start with the most obvious, sweet potato contains loads of fibre, which will help clear your baby's digestive system. But it also contains potassium, vitamin C, and beta-carotene; this means that your little one gets all the nutrients they need with the added benefit of less constipation and more poops! We've also added cinnamon and ginger, which adds a blend of deliciously hearty warmth along with immune benefits!

     Did you know...That our Sweet Potato Pancakes were a Gorillas exclusive 👀 Yup, our community loved them so much that we just couldn't let go!

    All these flipping good pancakes can be purchased in an exclusive Pancakes Only Bundle with the option to add them to your build a box too! Or if you'd rather have the best of both worlds, why not try our Purees & Pancakes Bundle 🥳

     You maybe thinking, how easy and quick are they too cooked?

    Well, we pride ourselves on convenience without compromise, and that's precisely why it will only take you 1 minute to cook them in the microwave from frozen. Or, if you'd rather, take them out and let them naturally defrost. These pancakes honestly are ready in no time for if and when you need them! Each box contains five pancakes, so we recommend eating all five if you're having it as a meal and three pieces if it's a snack. Each child is different, and they sometimes want what they want, so trust your gut and go with the flow.

    If you'd like some more information about Mamamade pancakes in general, have a look at "Why our Banana Oat Pancakes are weaning favourites for so many families!" for some top tips and tricks to serve up a treat!

    I hope this helps, and we really do hope that you're as excited as we are.



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