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Weaning? This Is The Only Number You Need to Know

There's only one number parents should have in mind from the moment they see that first positive pregnancy test: 1000. 

It's not the number of hours of sleep lost (that number's higher, wink wink!), or the number of times you'll get in a fight with your partner in the first two months - it's the number of days between conception and your baby's 2nd birthday. 

Scientists now hold that this period is the most important in their lives. That thinking of, 'oh, they're fine - they have until adulthood to worry about their diets' - is, frankly, not true according to years of research. 

Repeat after us: What your baby eats in the first 1000 days not only affects their development but informs their taste preferences for life. 

So what does that mean for you, as you introduce your baby to solids? 

1. Variety is King. 

As a parent, it's our responsibility to present our little ones with lots of choices. They decide how much, but we decide what. The more flavours your baby is exposed to, the more likely they'll be receiving the range of nutrients their bodies need - and, as a nice little boost, the more likely they'll be accepting of new flavours down the line (i.e., no picky eating here!). And keep persisting - because it can take up to 20 tastes of something before they accept a new taste!

2. Skew your meals toward veggies

We're not here to tell you not to feed your baby sweet things like fruits. We like fruits! They're high in water and fibre and are a great source of nutrients. Plus, sweet foods are delicious, and there's joy in eating delicious things!

But the fact is that babies are like little sponges - they're typically happy to try anything if you are positive and encouraging about it (in other words, baby doesn't have to know if you can't stand kale!). By actively offering more savoury foods like spinach, mushroom and garlic, you'll help train your baby's palette to accept a wide range of tastes and therefore nutrients. 

3. Fresh is Best

Ever notice that those pouches can smell a The fact is, a sweet potato pouch tastes almost nothing like a real sweet potato. That's because the high heat processing required to make the product stable on the shelf (and with a shelf life likely older than your baby!) distorts the flavour.

Fruits and veg begin to lose their vitamin and mineral content from the moment they're picked. We flash-freeze all of our ingredients within 2 hours of the farm, meaning we can lock in peak nutritional value (oh, and taste!).

Mamamade makes it easier to feed your baby home-cooked, delicious and nutrient-dense food. Get started today!


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