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Which Mamamade Bundle Should I Choose?

Is your baby about to embark on their weaning journey, but you're not quite sure where to start? Or is your baby a weaning pro, and you're not sure what the next step is? We offer our organic baby and toddler food in bundles so you can select a variety of meals tailored specifically to your little one's stages of development.

Find out more about our bundles in our guide below! Or take our quiz to find out which bundle is right for you!

Bestsellers Bundle


Care to see what all the fuss is about? Get started with the Mamamade fam favourites, from porridges to plant-based mixes and finger foods. This variety bundle of organic baby food designed for little ones aged 9-12+ months who are ready to explore new flavours and textures.

First Tastes Bundle (4+ months)


This bundle has been designed for babies who are ready for their first taste of solids with our 100% organic single-ingredient purées. If your baby is showing signs that they’re ready to start weaning, then this bundle is for you!

This bundle contains a selection of 8 single-fruit and veg purées and 4 blended fruit and veg purées hand-picked by our expert nutritionists. We recommend introducing the single-ingredient purées first before moving onto the blended purées.

This bundle suitable for babies aged 4+ months who are in Stage 1 of weaning. The WHO recommends weaning start at 6 months, but there are several medical reasons why a baby may need to start solids sooner.

Parents who order our First Tastes Bundle will also receive a free Mamamade bib, spoon and bowl as part of their welcome to weaning toolkit!

Purées & Porridges Bundle (6+ months)


So your baby has had their first tastes of solids - what comes next? Increase variety in texture and flavour with our bundle of purées and porridges, perfect for babies just getting started with solids.

We'd recommend choosing this bundle once your baby is 6-8 months and has mastered purees but maybe isn't quite ready for finger foods. This box includes 10 purées and 2 nutrient-dense porridges that are the perfect portion for sharing with your little one.

Our porridge bowls are packed with fibre from gluten-free oats to help aid your baby's digestive system, and fully organic plant-based ingredients carefully selected by our child nutritionist.

Purées, Fingers Foods & Bites (6+ months)


Ready to start shaking things up? This bundle is perfect for babies who are confidently spoon-feeding, and you're now looking to challenge them with different textures and independent feeding.

This bundle has been designed for babies aged 6+ months and includes 6 of our nutritionist-picked mixed ingredient purées as well as 6 soft finger foods and bites for your little one.

Getting Started with BLW Bundle (6+ months)


Skipping the purée stage altogether? This bundle is ideal for babies practising baby-led weaning, with our selection of chunky, pinchable meals and finger foods.

This bundle contains a selection of our hearty, plant-based mixes and finger foods for babies, including our fan fave Banana Oat Pancakes. Our mixes can be enjoyed whole, mashed or pureed depending on your baby’s preferences. Perfect for babies aged 6+ months who are practising their pincer grip!

Finger Foods Only Bundle (6+ months)


We know, we know - some babies just insist on independent feeding (and good for them!). This bundle has been designed for babies who are refusing that spoon entirely!

This nutritionist-designed bundle is packed with tasty finger foods that are great for mealtime and on-the-go snacks alike.

All ingredients are suitable from 6 months, however the textures can be a bit challenging - so definitely a bundle for the more seasoned eater!

Toddler Meal & Snack Bundle (12+ months)


These bad boys slot right into the pizza/pasta rotation - but with the added bonus of being packed full of veg and completely plant-based. This organic toddler food bundle offers tasty, healthy meals and snacks that are loved by even the pickiest of eaters, packed with hidden veggies in every bite.

Includes homemade-quality ready meals, snacks and 'desserts' (don't worry - they're secretly child nutritionist-approved!)

Our Toddler Meal and Snack Bundle is an excellent choice for little ones aged 12+ months who have mastered weaning who are ready for a more ‘grown-up’ choice of meals based on classic family faves.

Finger Food Only Bundle (12+ months)


For the snack-happy toddlers and bigger kids in the family, we've got this selection of finger foods and desserts. We’ve included our bestselling and kid-approved savoury bites as well as nutritionist-approved ‘dessert’ bites (or bribes, as we like to think of them!)

Approved by even the pickiest of eaters, this bundle is packed with tasty finger foods that are great for mealtime and on-the-go snacks alike. Suitable for toddlers and younger children aged 12+ months.

Why Mamamade?


  • Mamamamade use only 100% organic, plant-based ingredients and our meals are free from the big 8 allergens
  • As the parent, you're in control - our finger foods are ready-to-go, and our mixes are designed to be heated and then pureed, mashed or left whole depending on your little one's stage of eating.
  • All recipes have been designed by our child nutritionist and carefully handcrafted by a Masterchef, so you can be sure you're providing the very best start to life with top-quality ingredients.
  • Our meals are all flash-frozen to lock in nutrients, can be stored in your freezer for up to 4 months and cooked from frozen! Ready for whenever you need them.
  • We have bundles designed for each stage of your baby’s development, ensuring they’re getting the right food at the right time.

Try one of our bundles today! Take our quiz to find out which bundle is right for you.

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