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Your Basic Guide To Healthy Purees And Finger Food

Right let's get down to work, we've got a lot to cover...

Firstly, how to make purees for weaning - the process, step-by-step: 📝

  1. Scrubba dubdub! Make sure that the fruit or veg that you are cooking is washed and clean.

  2. Peel if you want to, but you don't have to if the food is really clean. Then cut the ingredients into equal-sized pieces.

  3. Add the pieces into a steaming basket, or directly into the saucepan with water until submerged. We'd recommend not to use salt and sugars. Let it be all-natural...

  4. Bring the water to a boil and leave the pieces to simmer until they are soft when poked with a utensil.

  5. When ready, drain the water and puree the pieces in a blender until the consistency is smooth and thick. If needed, add some breastmilk, formula or boiled water to the mix to achieve the best consistency for your baby.

Easy, right?! 💁🏻‍♀️

Let's start this basic guide off with how to actually give your baby solids... I know that sounds a little too basic, but there are a few different ways to get going - and that fact alone can feel overwhelming!

  • Purees (spoon-feeding): This means that you will start introducing solids by finely blending your baby's food into a puree so that it's smooth and can be swallowed easily. Peas, broccoli, sweet potato, butternut squash, and carrots are all great foods to start with (but pro-tip: it really doesn't matter what fruit or veg comes first!). Purees are nutritious and delicious, the fruit and veg boosts your baby’s immune system with the vitamins and minerals they need throughout the year. You can pretty much combine any number of flavours, which helps promotes confident eating (and bonus, it also saves time!) After your baby gets used to that texture of purees and is comfortable swallowing, you can then shake things up by mashing the food instead of blending and add some lumpier bits. At this point, you can essentially feed your baby some of your family dinners which would have more textures to them and tastes to develop their palette.

  • Baby Led Weaning: Your baby is in lead! This is where they start practising and using their fine motor skills by picking up small chunks of cut fruit, veg, biscuits, and much more (AKA, Finger Foods). This is when they'll take their time to explore textures within their little fingers and gradually perfect the process of independent feeding. Introducing finger foods is so important in their oral development; strengthening jaw muscles and bettering tongue movement as well as their gag reflexes. They won't eat very much to start, but the exploration and mess (you've been warned!) contribute to their learning and development.

  • A fusion: No need to pick a side - you can easily introduce purees alongside finger foods. This makes mealtime that little bit more adventurous for both of you! As with any mealtime occasion, be sure to keep an eye on your little one - they should never be left unattended, no matter how confident they are.

Here are a few things to bear in mind about the weaning journey:

  • Hate to break it to you, but it's important to be patient. Learning to eat and accept new foods takes time.

  • Your baby will most definitely make a mess, so have your bib and wipes or a wet flannel on hand!

  • This is all new to them. So there is always a risk of choking. Make sure that the food is cut properly to allow them to swallow easily. Check out our easy to follow blog on "How to Cut Foods Safely for Baby-Led Weaning" 

  • This might be a tough one, but try to have food together with your baby so that you can model table manners and have a nice chat! You'd be surprised how well they eat when they're not eating alone!

We understand that the process of weaning and introducing baby food can feel very overwhelming when you're adulting in the modern world. We're here to share the load. Have a look at some of our food bundles suited for all your weaning needs. They are amazing for introducing new favours to your baby and also a lifesaver for the days where you just can't be bothered...!


@mrsemilynorris Here's a mum of three who is bossing through the stages of weaning! Check out her "WEANING GROCERY HAUL & BATCH COOKING FOR BABY (FIRSTS FOODS)" Vlog on Youtube. Emily Norris's recommendations...

Thank you for tuning in!

We hope this helps, Good luck on the journey


Team Mamamade

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