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Mamamade Bundles

A parent's checklist is long enough. We're here to support you for every mealtime and snack occasion by bundling down our wide selection of organic and plant-based snacks, meals, finger foods and purées so you can be sure you're offering the right food at the right time.

Choose a bundle below to explore our products and have the option to select a one-time purchase or a subscription check out. Not sure where to start? Take our quiz to find your perfect programme
The Weaning Essentials BundleThe Weaning Essentials Bundle

The Weaning Essentials Bundle

This bundle has been designed for babies and parents who are ready to enter the wild world of weaning! Everything you ne...

First Tastes Purees Bundle (4m+)First Tastes Purees Bundle (4m+)

First Tastes Purees Bundle (4m+)

This bundle has been designed for babies who are ready for their first taste of solids with our 100% organic purées. Is ...

Purées and Porridges Bundle (6m+)Purées and Porridges Bundle (6m+)

Purées and Porridges Bundle (6m+)

So your baby has had their first tastes of solids - what comes next? Increase variety in texture and flavour with our bu...

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