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BLW Favourites Bundle (6m+)BLW Favourites Bundle (6m+)

BLW Favourites Bundle (6m+)

Is this the right bundle for me?  Just getting started with solids but skipping the purée stage altogether?   This bundl...

'Getting Confident' Variety Bundle (7-12m)'Getting Confident' Variety Bundle (7-12m)

'Getting Confident' Variety Bundle (7-12m)

Your baby's quickly becoming a pro, don't you think? They're eager and willing to try new flavours and textures - and ar...

The Weaning Essentials BundleThe Weaning Essentials Bundle

The Weaning Essentials Bundle

This bundle has been designed for babies and parents who are ready to enter the wild world of weaning! Everything you ne...

First Tastes Purees Bundle (4m+)First Tastes Purees Bundle (4m+)

First Tastes Purees Bundle (4m+)

This bundle has been designed for babies who are ready for their first taste of solids with our 100% organic purées. Is ...

Pancakes Only Bundle (6m+)Pancakes Only Bundle (6m+)

Pancakes Only Bundle (6m+)

Our bestselling, fan-favourite pancakes are BACK in four new flippin' fantastic flavours…because you can never have too ...

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