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Weaning Worrier Or A Serious Meal Planner? Discover Baby Food Bundles & Support For Every Type of Mama

Hey mamas, we always find that we’re so focused on the little ones in our lives that we sometimes forget to focus on and talk about YOU. We know that not all mums are the same, but we think we’ve narrowed down some mum personalities that come up time and time again here at Mamamade 💜

Are you worrying about weaning? Do you always end up needing to do a last-minute shop? Or do you get an absolute thrill from your freezer being fully stocked? Whatever’s on your mind, at Mamamade, we’re here to support your needs and wants. After all, it takes a village! Help is only a click away, so scroll on to find out the right solution to make mealtimes as stress-free as possible for you...

Mum and baby surrounded by Mamamade purees


This type of mama loves being given trusted advice and reading every book, blog and article under the sun! But you aren't a fan of feeling overwhelmed and unprepared. We completely understand mama, and know just how difficult baby weaning can sometimes be... We’d be lying if we said it wasn’t a wild ride!

We’re here - to share the load, take the stress out of weaning, and help you give your little ones the best start on their solids journey. Our organic baby food is designed to suit every developmental stage, and with our free 1:1 weaning coach calls, weaning and parenting podcast and The Weaning Essentials Bundle, we really are here for you every step of the way 💜

Mamamade meals filling a drawer in the freezer.


The mum with an agenda to get things done! She's all game for planning her family meals in advance to make the most out of her time, however, she's not the biggest fan of winging it and going where the wind takes her... If her week doesn't have a structure or routine in place, she's not going to be the happiest version of herself!

Sound familiar? We’ve got you covered! Your checklist is long enough, so let us help you take the weight off your shoulders. At the end of the day, we mamas have to help each other out, right? With our Build-A-Box Subscription, you’re in full control of what’s inside your box; so if you know you only need to stock up on baby finger foods or you’re down to your last box of Lentil Shepherd’s Pie in the freezer, you can plan your next order with ease, and you’ll always know when your box will arrive. Another thing ticked off your never-ending to-do list ✅

Mamamade meal being placed in the microwave


A splendidly spontaneous mama who loves the thrill of spontaneity, trying new things and not sticking to routines! We all know a mama like this one, always the life of any playdate 💕

Just taking each week as it comes? We feel you... At the end of the day, we’re all winging it! So, this is where our pre-made meal bundles come in; to make it super-easy for you to offer the right food at the right time for your little one. Choose from baby led weaning bundles, boxes packed full of delicious toddler meals, or even pancake-only bundles! Order our boxes on a 1, 2, 4 or 6-week subscription and get the meals delivered frozen straight to your door. And as our meals can be cooked in the microwave in minutes, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. You’re welcome!

Mum scrolling through Mamamade website on her phone


The mama that hasn't quite gotten over baby fog… We all become her after a busy week! She’s the kind of mama who loves convenience and stress-free shopping - the easier, the better. She's definitely not the kind of mum who likes too much faff. Who would?

We feel you, mama, and we’re here to save you from a kitchen nightmare! If you’re running low between your subscription boxes, want to try something new or maybe have a last-minute playdate, we’ve got you covered. You can order a one-off meal bundle whenever you need it. Convenience at its finest 🤌🏼

Homemade flapjacks made with Mamamade porridge


The mama who's a big fan of all things food! She loves cooking and trying new recipes with the family. It's her way of escaping the madness and enjoying some bonding time in a way that makes her feel creative. She's not about all the bland and boring food! We’re with you on that one, mama, lets's talk flavour, colour and all things organic 💗

We applaud you for all your hard work! But, even the most seasoned cooks need a break sometimes... So, for the times when you don’t have time or can’t be bothered (we’ve all been there), it’s always handy to have a stash of 100% organic, nutritious and big-flavour meals in the freezer. Plus, you can still put your spin on our meals by transforming them into new baby food recipes; our purees make perfect bases for pasta sauces, our mixes can be turned into fritters, and you can use our porridges to make the most delicious flapjacks! 😋

Mum sitting at dining table with toddler and baby in highchair

Do any of these personalities sound like you? Let us know in the comments or drop us a DM on Instagram!

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Still stuck? Take our Mamamade quiz to find out which bundle is right for your family!

Love, Team Mamamade x

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