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Healthy Hallo-Wean Foodie Activities To Entertain The Kids

Happy Hallo-wean Mamamates! We know that along with all the fun of spooky season can come a genuine fear of toddler sugar rushes (and inevitable sugar crashes). That’s why, this year, we put our witch - er - we mean thinking - hats on and thought up a few ways to use your Mamamade organic Finger Food and purees to make mealtimes fang-tastic. These are perfect halloween activities for kids and adults alike.

Halloween activity for kids

Mamamade Monster Mash Up

Get the whole family stuck in with a Mamamade Monster Mash Up! This is a super easy activity to set up that kids will love and it’s a great way to get little ones tasting lots of different fruit and veg alongside Mamamade finger food.

Use the fruit and veg to create monster faces on top of Mamamade finger food, imagine a Frankenstein’s monster pancake or a pumpkin Five Spice Rice Bite!

Follow the easy steps below to create your Monster Mash Up.

  1. Choose their favourite Mamamade finger foods and pop them in the microwave or oven to defrost and heat up, pop them to one side to cool down ready to eat.
  2. Prepare a selection of different fruit and veg to decorate the monster faces. Some ideas for toppings are blueberries cut in half for eyes, red pepper teeth, banana slices cut in half for ears, raspberries for hair, pumpkin or pomegranate seeds for eyes, cucumber for hats, sliced olives for eyes, whatever you fancy!
  3. Pop your finger food on a plate, then start building your monster faces!

Mamamade halloween treat ideas

All Treats, No Tricks!

This is a great Hallo-wean activity to engage your little one’s senses with their favourite finger foods and fruit!

Grab their favourite Mamamade finger foods and fruit, then pop them in a bowl covered with a tea towel. Encourage them to guess what the finger food in the bowl is using their hands and, if they would like to, blindfold them and do a taste test!

Halloween platter ideas

Spooky Dips

Mamamade’s purees make the perfect dip for their pancakes and finger foods, now it’s time to add a Hallo-wean twist!

  • Create a cauldron of witches fingers by cutting a Spinach Oat pancake into slices then sticking into the beetroot puree.
  • Make a sweet scary treat by cutting a Mamamade brownie into triangles and popping into their Apple Puree to make a shark fin snack!
  • Whip up a pumpkin patch with spoonfuls of butternut squash puree, Five Spice Rice Bites and Red Lentil and Pepper Bites with Spinach oat pancake stalks

A special thank you to Clare Potts for her fun hallo-wean suggestions! We can’t wait to see your Hallo-wean monsters! Make sure to share them with us on Instagram @hellomamamade so we can share them to our page.

Love, Sophie & Team Mamamade x

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