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How To Create Weaning Schedules & Build Up To Three Meals A Day - The Mamamade Podcast Episode 5

It's time for the most-awaited and asked for Mamamade podcast episode ever!

In this episode of The Mamamade Podcast, we're talking about how to create weaning schedules and build up to three meals a day. We're constantly asked about weaning schedules as a baby and toddler food-focused brand! We understand; it really isn't as simple as it may seem, especially because there is so much information nowadays. You know the, do's the don'ts the listen to them, read this and read that... as you can see the list goes on.

So we've created the perfect short and sweet solo episode by none other than our very own Sophie Baron, the founder of Mamamade! She's determined to break down all the information and lay things out on the table in a more SIMPLIFIED way. Without the fluff, straight to the point and just the information you want to know and hear.

a picture of Sophie Baron, founder of Mamamade sitting down with a drink and smiling

Who is Sophie?

If you don't know Sophie, you probably aren't too familiar with Mamamade because she is the heart and soul of the brand. She's an entrepreneur and a mum of two, Author and Liba.

Sophie thought of Mamamade when she started introducing solids to her daughter Liba. She wanted her to have the very best - everything home-cooked, organic, plant-based, flavourful and healthy. But the reality of modern-day parenting made that easier said than done, keep up with the pace of mealtimes on top of milk feeds and everything else that we have to juggle! 🤯

Like many parents, she wanted and needed support but didn't want to rely on store-bought purées or processed food. So she created a brand and product that could help parents who were in the same boat 💜 A brand that shares the load and the love of parenthood, a support system for all parents.

A food brand that creates nutritional, organic meals/snacks for babies and toddlers. Offering subscription or one-off meal boxes that are delivered frozen to your door and can be cooked in minutes, so busy parents can have convenience without compromise, as our recipes are delicious, nutritious and naturally allergen-free! 🎉

Yeah, Sophie really is the one for this podcast episode! A mamma who's been there and done it all. If you haven't already, go and listen to our mini mealtime survival guides and be sure to like, subscribe, share and leave a review! You can find us on Apple Podcast, Spotify and our website.

A snippet from the episode 🎙

"Everyone wants to know how and when to add in meals, like what to do with the milk and the naps? so, let's just take some time to sit down and chat through it because there's no right or wrong, there's really no reason to worry, but it can all be really worrying."

I can definitely resonate with this statement, and I know that many parents can too. So if you haven't already, please click here to listen to the full episode. And let us know if we've helped by leaving a comment below or by sending us a DM on Instagram. We're always ears and love to know how we can help or share any parent-approved tips, parenting experiences, and recommendations!

A picture of The Mamamade Podcast episode 5 with Sophie feeding her son - Titled, How to Create Weaning Schedules & Build Up To Three Meals A day

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