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My Baby Isn't Eating! - The Weaning Journey

You probably have a lot of questions and that is normal!

How easy would parenting be if our babies came with a manual...ahh I'm only joking! it still wouldn't be smooth sailing. It's so true, being a parent should come with a qualification! The amount of research, reading and analysing what it takes...and don't even get us started on the required interpersonal skills!

Anyways, without going off on a tangent, here is a question that is frequently asked about weaning. Hope it helps 🤞🏼

Q. My baby is refusing to eat. How can I help them?

We're so sorry to hear that. This can be such a hard phase to weather, especially because of the time, money, expectations and patience involved within the process of weaning. Most of the time weaning is portrayed as an easy, intuitive and hassle-free task - fun, even! - when in reality that's not always the case. Here are a few steps that we recommend:

  • Start off the process with a psychological approach: positive intent: Try not to let your child sense any tension, because those negative emotions and pressures can affect them - which could affect their feelings around mealtime. Parenthood isn't instagrammable; it's not always going to turn out the way you might see on social media. Take the pressure off of both of you and enjoy the moment even if it's not going as you imagined it would.

  • Role models: try eating with the family. The more your baby sees familiar faces eating and enjoying their food, the more likely they are to get involved. They might not eat as much as you'd hope but at least that could be a starting point.

  • Set the scene: Make sure that you've got all the necessary equipment. This would include a highchair that can be used to sit your baby comfortably, which indicates to them that it's mealtime. A suction cup bowl or plate so that your baby can comfortably explore their food without getting distracted by moving utensils is also super handy. Did you know that when you make your first order with Mamamade you get some free goodies including a suction bowl, soft spoon, or a food catching bib.

  • Let them take charge: I know that sounds a little scary but trust me... give them the spoon and let them explore with their fingers. This might help your baby become more intuitive as they are navigating around with touch senses, coordination and also just taking their time. This is going to be a messy, so be prepared.

  • Let them have your food: Obviously nothing too spicy, salty, sugary or processed, but if you're having a Sunday roast or some nice pasta - leave the salt out and let them have some! Remember to tailor it to their age-appropriate texture. No matter what age, kids always want what their parents are having!

  • Don't forget the fibre: Make sure you are giving your baby enough of their fruit and veg. Most babies get agitated and refuse food if they are gassy or constipated. A stick of apple to chew on or even a broccoli stem would do.

  • Slow down on the solids: Maybe stick to breastfeeding for a little longer and slowly introduce solids. Most 4- 6-month-olds get their nutrition from milk and the solids are just meant to be a cherry on the top. So transition from milk to only solid food over the next 6-12 months. Head over to our "How To Stop Breastfeeding? 🍼" and "Is It Time To Start Weaning!? 😬" blog for more support.

Maybe try something new! We at Mamamade have delicious organic, ready-to-eat food for your baby. It might be a little unconventional to the "norms" of weaning, but we've been taking the UK by storm with our adventurous tastes, ease of use and affordable prices on subscriptions. Not only do we help you manage the everyday load of mealtime, but we also help you with one-to-one weaning support and an online parenting community.

If you need more help, we also have a free download about managing food refusal and fussiness. We've included reasons why your baby might refuse food and techniques and scripts to help deal with episodes of food refusal.

We hope this helps! Good luck!


Team Mamamade


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