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How to Manage Fussy Eaters & Ignore Outside Parenting Pressures with Africa Daley-Clarke - The Mamamade Podcast Episode 6

The one we've all been waiting for! 💗

I don't think there are any words that can truly describe the depth of knowledge within this episode of The Mamamade Podcast! If you're looking to feel reassured, empowered, and grounded, please make sure to check out this down-to-earth, open and honest chat between two mothers who are unapologetically speaking about their experiences, thoughts, views and opinions.

A picture of Africa Daley-Clarke for The Mamamade Podcast

Who is Africa Daley-Clarke? 🍃

In this episode of The Mamamade Podcast, we're talking to Africa Daley-Clarke you might know her as @thevitamindproject on Instagram! Africa is an interior stylist, writer, content creator, influencer, mother, wife, and an individual you can be completely in awe of after a few minutes of chatting. We see Africa as a role model in the way that she is raising her three children, and we had to have her on The Mamamade Podcast! Through this chat, Sophie and Africa create a safe place for all things motherhood, outside parenting pressures, fussy eaters and just day-to-day life in general! But most importantly, through this episode, we learn how Africa sees her kids as individuals and has empathy for them as real people who are experiencing the world.

Africa's respect for her children and her thoughtfulness around boundaries is something that has come across in such a beautiful way. Sophie refers to her chat with Africa to be enlightening and emotional, one that she's going to be coming back to time and time again.

Let's talk expectations 🙋🏻‍♀️

As parents, we unknowingly have certain expectations and most of the time; you can see this around the dinner table! We want nothing more than to see our kids eat a full plate of food, but the reality is that your kids are probably running havoc, stirring their food until it gets cold or maybe just not that bothered. These scenarios can be extremely overwhelming for parents, and that's where this episode comes in 🙌🏼 A new perspective on mealtime expectations and a wider understanding of boundaries and respect for your little adventurers.

A snippet from the episode 🎙

"It's really important for me as a black family from the UK to have a physical presence."

"Before I met my husband, I thought I would be an amazing mum, Sophie. I had it in my head, I was going to be a "No problems" mum, and I had a few friends whose mums I thought were wonderful, and I knew I was going to be exactly like them. And then, as being a mother actually got closer as we were trying to plan for a family, I realised that those people's lives were so different to mine that with all the will in the world, I could not implement those parenting styles." "My partner and I have very similar and rich parenting values, and we had conversations about what parenting styles we like and didn't like. We never pigeonholed ourselves into one particular category. But no matter how much research you do by the time your baby is here, and as they get older, that style will evolve and change."

A picture of the episode for The Mamamade Podcast including Sophie and Africa -  How to Manage Fussy Eaters & Ignore Outside Parenting Pressures with Africa Daley-Clarke - The Mamamade Podcast Episode 6 - Listen now

I really do hope that you listen to this fantastic episode because it resonated so well with our team at Mamamade HQ, and I'm sure that it will definitely pull on a few of your heartstrings.

Thank you so much to Africa Daley-Clarke for joining us for the sixth episode of The Mamamade podcast. We've learned so much through this episode, and have found some new perspectives to consider during mealtimes and general day-to-day parenthood.

If you haven't already, click here to listen to the episode! And please share your thoughts below in the comments or by sending us a DM on Instagram. We're all ears for parenting views, experiences, and recommendations!

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