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Weaning Essentials For Your Baby From Highchair To Must-Have Accessories

We're so happy to be joined by the founder of Cove Baby! Nicola, it's a pleasure to have you and thank you for sharing your journey with us. Mamamates, if you aren't familiar with Cove Baby, we'd recommend you check out their fantastic weaning essential products. They are practical for all your little one's mealtime needs, but have been made with parents in mind by giving you the most beautiful designs and colourways that fit into any interior home style.

Keep reading as we learn more about Nicola and her inspiration behind Cove Baby 💜

Hi Nicola, it's great to have you here on the Mamamade blog! Could you please tell us a little bit more about yourself and your lovely kids?

Hi, I'm Nicola, mum of two, Tilly and little Wilf, who is just a few weeks old! Thanks for having me, Mamamade. My third baby is Cove Baby, a weaning and highchair accessory brand.

A picture of Nicola, founder of Cove Baby. An image of two children on their highchair and an image of a single highchair displayed in the kitchen

We here at Mamamade are huge fans of Cove Baby! Could you tell us what was the backstory and your inspiration for starting the brand?

I founded @mycovebaby when my daughter Tilly was six months old and ready for weaning. The Ikea Antilop highchair was highly recommended to me, but it's a plain, white, plastic design that didn't appeal to my new contemporary kitchen. I searched high and low for a beautiful cushion to spruce up the highchair a little and also to ensure that Tilly, as a little baby, could sit up correctly and comfortably in the chair.

As I couldn't find anything I liked and presumed there must be lots of parents out there with the same issue, I decided to launch Cove Baby, which now provides stylish, aesthetically pleasing accessories for the very much-loved IKEA Antilop highchair, as well as lots of other highchairs. We now also offer many other weaning products to make parent's weaning journeys that bit easier, like splash mats, beakers, bibs, plates, and so much more.

Cove baby aims to provide stylish weaning accessories that complement your home interior. It's a baby brand designed for adults! The muted tones and simple patterns work beautifully in every dining space and kitchen.

Pictures of Cove Baby highchairs and example images of babies resting their feet on a highchair footrest

Your brand has done so well, and we're always rooting for you and your drive to make parents and their kids feel supported and comfortable when weaning. There's always that one question for brands that is repeated time and time, what would you say is yours?

One of the most common questions we get asked is whether footrests are important on a highchair.

In a word, YES, imagine sitting on a bar stool, eating a meal, with your legs dangling down, not resting on the floor or footrest. You'd feel unbalanced, and it would put pressure on your lower back and waist. Well, it's just the same for babies; your little ones should feel balanced and supported in their highchair, which we believe aids better concentration, posture and eating.

A picture of Cove Baby highchair accessories and another image of a child sitting on a highchair

We love that Cove Baby ticks all the boxes from being stylish and practical, but your products aren't just for weaning. They can be used for other things too like playing and relaxing. Your products are so versatile that you could even use them for quite a few years as your child grows. Could you tell us a bit more about that?

The wipeable, soft-coated cotton cushions work in most highchairs (not just the ones from IKEA). Tilly, my two-year-old and Wilf, my half-year-old, still use them at home and out and about. From 6 months, it gave her the back and side support she needed to sit up straight and prevented her from slouching and sliding around in her highchair. Now she's older, she uses it for comfort and can spend hours colouring in her chair, giving me a well-deserved little break!

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That's all for now, Mamamates! Make sure to visit the Cove Baby website for all your parenting needs and give them a follow on their beautiful Instagram page, where they post informative tips, tricks and products. Thank you so much for joining us for a guest blog Nicola. It's so moving to see parents being inspired by their journeys and using their experiences to create a support system for others like them! We're all on board for that 🙌🏼

If you've enjoyed this blog, let us know your favourite Cove Baby product and how you are getting on. Plus, comment below for who you think we should be bringing next to our short and sweet Mamamade guest blogs.

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