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The Weaning Checklist - Trusted Brands & Products + New Mamamerch

Whether you are new to the world of weaning? Browsing around for some awesome equipment? Or just not sure where to start. We've all been there, and that's why we've got you covered with our list of recommended products for your weaning journey (because we know that the Internet can sometimes feel endless)... Plus, it's the perfect excuse to show you our BRAND NEW Mamamerch! 🥰

The high chair 👀

The first and foremost must-have item on your list should be a high chair; not only does it keep your little ones in a safe upright position for weaning, but it also teaches them good table manners for later on in the future. An essential weaning item that allows your child to sit comfortably whilst exploring all the wonders of their food. I know what you're going to say, "how do you know which one to get?" - the truth is that you don't, I remember how overwhelmed I was when I first started looking, but I did my research and asked the people closest to me for their recommendations.

If you ask us, we would highly recommend a supportive high chair with a footrest. The main things you're looking for are practicality, something that assembles in minutes and has fuss-free functionality. Try looking for something that is super easy to clean, lightweight and has excellent support for your baby as they grow. You might think that it's hard to find all these traits in one item, but I actually did! Check out the Joie Baby Multiply 6 in 1 Highchair, and It's suitable for babies from 6 months to 6 years! This highchair has a total of 5 height adjustments which means that it can adjust to fit quickly growing little ones and fit varying table and island heights. The best feature of it all is that this highchair easily shape-shifts into a stand-alone play table and chair. 🤯

The Bib

Have your defence at the ready! If you want clean clothes and less of a baby laundry pile, make sure that you have a functioning bib at the ready. It's crazy how quickly babies can get food all down themselves - as much as it is adorable at the time, it also means a little more work for you later. I can't recommend enough a bib with a built-in food catcher! They are honestly such a lifesaver, with almost no food on the floor for me to pick up after mealtime and a clean baby who only requires a face and hand clean 🙌🏼 If that's the kind of bib you're looking for, then you, my friend are in luck! At Mamamade have just launched our collection of adjustable, bright, colourful, silicone bibs, which will easily be at the top of your favourite weaning essentials list. Click here to check them out. 

Top weaning tip! - Practical bibs like ours help catch large chunks of food before they hit the floor if you're concerned about mess. Read more of our tips on how to reduce food waste during weaning here.

The Cutlery 🍴

Although it's great for your baby to explore food textures in their little fingers, it's also important for them to learn and develop their fine motor skills. This is why you need to introduce a spoon, not just any spoon but a spoon that is designed, keeping in mind the safety of your little one. I would recommend introducing a soft-tip spoon that is rounded and easy on your baby's gums, and guess what? We've got just that! Our Mamamade Baby Weaning Spoon has a long handle that makes it easy for little hands to grip, perfect for four months+. They are ergonomically designed so that weaning can be as easy as possible along with being fun and exciting with a selection of four playful, bright and vibrant colours.

Top weaning tip! - As soon as your little one shows signs of wanting to take the spoon off you (such as reaching to grab it), let them practice! Load the spoon first as they won't have the skills to do this initially, and let them take it from there. Find out more about baby-led weaning vs. spoon-fed weaning here. And click here for a guide on how to introduce your baby to cutlery!

Once your little one has mastered the spoon, it's now a great time to introduce new cutlery as they get older, starting with a fork, then building up to a knife. It can be a little scary for you at first, but that's why it's essential to find products that are designed with safety as a priority! If you don't already know about doddl then check them out. This brand designs products "making sure you don't have to stress about your kids attempting to eat gravy with their knife or missing their mouth, or simply downing tools… and instead allows everybody around the table to have a positive, enriching experience".

I would recommend their baby cutlery set and case. Suitable for babies from 6 months, doddl helps your baby to safely introduce cutlery into their weaning journey with positive associations of both cutlery and mealtime; by encouraging them to self-feed and explore foods, textures and taste. It even comes with a case so that it's perfect for safekeeping at home and on the go.

Once your child has mastered the skills of using a spoon and fork - it's now time to introduce a knife to the mix! Try doddl's children's spoon, fork and knife set.

This set is suitable for kids aged 1 - 5+ years and is available in three colourful options. This set is recommended by experts within the weaning industry and is known for its design as the soft-touch areas on the cutlery help to develop your child's pincer grip (a key motor skill). Another plus note is that they are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe 🧼

If doddl seems like a good fit for you and your little one, we are giving you a 10% discount code to use at the checkout on doddl's website for both of the cutlery sets mentioned above! Use the code lovedoddl10 to bag your goodies 🛍

The Plates & Bowls 🥣

The next item on the list of weaning essentials is a bowl - you don't want anything that slips and slides as your baby tries to eat, and that is why we've made the Mamamade Silicone Suction Bowl which is going to stay put and help take some of the pressure off of you! The suction base allows you to stick the bowl to your table or baby's high chair, so your little one is less likely to tip or lift it. This silicone bowl is perfect for babies four months+ and is deep enough that your little one will easily be able to scoop food out. Plus, the bear design is guaranteed to bring a smile to your little one's face. This bowl is stable for any meal, including hot and cold liquids/ foods, fuss-free dishwasher safe and available in four bright colours Mint, Pink, Lilac and Yellow to match with all the Mamamerch spoons and bibs.

Top weaning tip! - Only offer your baby a small amount of food at a time, and when that's eaten, you can provide a little bit more. This means there's less risk of as much food ending up on the floor, plus, there's no risk of the remaining food being contaminated with the baby's saliva and fingers, so it's safe to serve the next day again if they don't finish. Read more of our tips on how to reduce food waste during weaning here.

Now onto the plates! Have a look at these fantastic bamboo and silicon suction and non-slip plates by Eco rascals. "Perfect for tots but good for little ones and bigger kids too; the Bamboo Suction Toddler Plate is an ideal tableware choice for whatever is on the menu". They are a brand that offers convenience and practicality for both the parents and children; their silicon plates allow you to start with the suction base and then pop it off once kids are pros at independent eating.

The Drinking Cup

I'd be lying if I said that babies and toddlers are graceful and have no accidents when having a drink with their meal. It takes time to master the skill of a cup or liquid in general, and sometimes it's not even the kids... a nappy bag full of water, anyone? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Yup, we've all been there! But have you tried the Tum Tum's Tippy Up Sippy Cup with Weighted Straw?

It's a fail-proof cup suitable for children 6+ months, with a free flow weighted straw that allows the liquid to flow any way up. There are many positive aspects to this cup, but most importantly, it's BPA & phthalate-free, ideal cup to move on from a bottle or breastfeeding and has a leakproof flip-top lid that helps keep the straw hygienically tucked away to avoid any nasties! Once you're done, you can pop it into the dishwasher or wash it by hand.

Top weaning tip! - It's generally advised to start offering small sips of water alongside solids from around six months or when you begin with weaning. This is mainly to prevent constipation - as new foods can do a number on tiny tummies. Don't stress if they don't take to it. Like everything else in the world of weaning, just keep offering it, and they'll eventually get the hang of it. From six months, you can offer water straight from the tap. No need to boil! You're welcome. Find more advice on when and how to introduce water to your baby here

I hope you've enjoyed reading all our weaning recommendations! We here at Mamamade HQ are so excited to be bringing you our Mamamerch 🎉 A new playful, and colourful way to keep your little one looking stylish, even when they are getting messy!

Let us know what you think, and stay tuned for all things merchandise on our Facebook group and Instagram - there is much more merch to come. What do you want to see?

Lots of love,

Himanshi @ Mamamade

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