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Treat yourself! Why Mums Need Looking After Too, With The Founders Of Oh Mumma.

Here at Mamamade, we’re all about making sure busy parents feel seen and supported. That’s why I was so happy to catch up with Shannon Hinkle and Kyra White, founders of Oh Mumma, who started their business with the same idea! Oh Mumma supply curated gift and subscription boxes for parents, encouraging them to make that all-important time for self care (remember that old thing?). I personally LOVE their boxes, so it was great to hear the story behind them, what more Oh Mumma have to come, and get some insider tips on the perfect sentimental gift for mums in your life. 

PS - they've kindly offered our Mamamates 15% off their first order with the code OHMUMMA15

Where did the idea for Oh Mumma come from?

Shannon: We were both pregnant, me with my second and Kyra with her first, and chatting over lunch one day about how much life changes when you have a baby. As we talked about ‘us’ still being ‘us’ we got on to talking about baby gifts, baby shower gifts and how we both always take our new mum friends gifts for them, not just for their baby.

Kyra: I was overwhelmed with the generosity of friends and family who bought gifts when I had Brae, my son – people are so kind.  Most of the gifts were for him but the stand-out ones that I really remember were some for me: wine, my friend cooking a meal for us to heat up, another friend bringing me her favourite lip balm as I’d said my lips were dry.

S: We knew there was something in looking out for mum more, not just baby, at this crazy time in her life and wanted to not just create an amazing product but also a community where mums and mums-to-be could come and be themselves.

K: There are so many places to go for information, education and advice on becoming a new mum and being a mum already that we knew that wasn’t us, so we focus on supporting mums in any way we can. We think they’re all doing a bloody good job already and hopefully, that’s what we are here to remind them.

What did you do before starting Oh Mumma?

K: We have both worked in beauty and retail forever.  I think we worked out it’s almost 40 years combined experience, which makes us feel really old!

S: Back in San Francisco where I’m from I started on a beauty counter and worked my way up to looking after all things brand globally for Benefit Cosmetics. I was there at such a great time, watching the brand grow and I was lucky enough to be involved in so many projects from launching services worldwide to working in a mix of teams from brand to sales to marketing.

K: I was at Benefit, but in the UK when I met Shannon, working in Marketing. I started out in events and have always worked in consumer brands and brands that I personally love which makes your job so much easier! I’ve been a Marketing Director in beauty which has enabled me to look after all functions from digital to e-commerce, to PR and retail marketing. My passion is still the consumer and bringing a brand alive to them which is why we both love what we do now at Oh Mumma - it’s personal.

How do you pick the products inside your boxes?

S: I’m obsessed with researching new products! I spend an enormous amount of time searching through new indie brands and learning about products from our classic beauty faves. I’m a big fan of brands with passion and products that pack a punch. I like to say we’re mum’s personal beauty shoppers.

K: We always try and work with as many mum-founded businesses like ourselves as possible, so there are always a few inside each box.

What makes a great gift for a mum-to-be?

K: It starts with thinking about mum and what she loves already. What will she actually use and what will make her life a bit easier? They’re the memorable gifts, ones that have had thought and are personal to her. Can you add a card to tell her how fab you think she is? Can you share a memory of your best times together to make her smile? Anything that’s about her. She’s probably got enough fluffy bunnies and blankets already, lol.

S: Exactly. If you’re a mum, think back to what you needed or used the most and send her your favourite things that you actually used. I always take new mums skincare in the hope that they take even a couple of minutes out each day just to look after themselves.

How do you juggle motherhood and running a business?

K: I think we both agree that there is no perfect balance and that each day it’s just doing our best. Some days are easier than others and we manage to take time out for family and fun, and others we know we need to get our heads down, focus and work through the never-ending to-do list to keep everything ticking over. For every day where we think we’ve done a crap job of juggling there’s another one where we’re grateful that we are our own boss, not working the traditional 9-5 anymore and doing something we truly love.

What’s your best piece of advice for a mum-to-be?

S: Definitely to look after yourself now and when your little one arrives. You probably give so much to everyone else in your life, I would say remember to make some room for you. That can be a chat with a mate, a little pamper session or a good book or podcast. You deserve it.

What’s next for Oh Mumma?

K: We have some great partnerships and collaborations coming up and have some great new mum brands to support. At the end of last year, we launched a partnership with Ronald McDonald House and £1 of every box sold goes towards creating a box for a mum staying at their house while her child receives medical treatment nearby. We want to continue to expand the ways we support their houses. We’re also going to continue to grow our community with brand takeovers, live Q&A’s and sessions with some experts we love – follow us on Instagram @oh.mumma to see what’s coming soon.

Want to WIN?

It’s hard enough as it is to juggle mealtimes, playtimes, and YOU-time as a parent. Then the summer holidays come along… 😬 But fear not! We’ve teamed up with Oh Mumma and our friends at Lovevery to give away the ultimate prize to help you survive the Summer holidays. Here’s what you could win:

💗 Self-care summer survival box from Oh Mumma to make sure you squeeze in a bit of time for yourself.

💛 3 x Lovevery Play Kits of your choice, providing stage-based play essentials for your child’s developing brain, ages 0-3.

💜 A 3-box 24 meal Mamamade Subscription, filled with 100% organic baby food for your little one!

Interested? Of course you are. Just follow this link to enter. Good luck!

Love, Sophie & Team Mamamade x

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