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Weaning On Holiday - How Do I Do It?

Hey Mamamates!

As the summer holidays are in full swing (not me wishing they were done already…) and families all over are getting ready to travel with a weaning child in tow, I keep getting asked the same question: how do I do it? Weaning on holiday can feel overwhelming to the best of us, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are some of my top tips and tricks for weaning away from home - because the last thing you need is feeling like you need a whole new holiday when you get back!

Baby spoon feeding

When you’re just starting out with solids, breaking from routine can feel especially scary. The truth is, this is a great age to travel - mostly because the amount of solids your little one eats just doesn’t matter.

I traveled loads with Liba when she was a baby - some of the most between 6-10 months! - so I definitely feel like I’ve become a bit of a ~pro~ at weaning when you’re not in your own home. And one of my biggest learnings is that they learn SO much from being around YOU! Just sitting with you at the table whilst on holiday is a huge learning moment for them!

So try not to stress too much about what you’re feeding them.

They can easily have milk all day if needed, so that fixed routine can go out of the window if it makes more sense for your family. One option is to simply try giving your little one bits of what you’re eating while out. Anything from a piece of bread to gnaw on, some banana mashed up, or a bit of cucumber or avocado will do. Just make sure to cut any finger foods into long, finger-sized strips if your little one’s pincer grip hasn’t yet developed - this will make the food easier for them to grab and reduces the risk of choking.

At this early stage, all you really need is a good bib, a change of clothes, plenty of wipes and a spoon (if spoon feeding), so remember to pack these first!

Mamamade x Chilly's thermos pot for baby food

If you’re travelling in the UK, it can be worthwhile prepping food ahead of time to bring with you. Pancakes, flapjacks or any of our Mamamade finger foods (which are ready to serve in minutes) work a treat for on-the-go weaning. Keep them hot for hours by transporting them in our original Mamamade x Chilly’s insulated pot, or store them in our picnic-perfect Silicone Plate + Lid. Hello, easy weaning!

It’s important to remember, despite what it can feel like, that this is your holiday too! Searching for nutritious baby food recipes while also serving up toddler meals, entertaining the entire family and trying to find time to relax can be a lot to juggle during your ‘time off’. At Mamamade, we’re here to share the load. That’s why you can order one of our organic baby food boxes to be delivered nearly anywhere in the UK, so a full set of nutritious meals is waiting for you when you arrive at your staycation doorstep. Simply change your address ahead of your next subscription delivery, order a one-off box, or drop us an email and we’ll get this sorted for you!

Mamamade organic baby food delivered to your doorstep

If you’re travelling abroad and away from our Mamamade delivery zones, fear not! Resorts can be great places to stay with children and are usually happy to make up fruit or vegetable purées for you, so don’t be shy to ask! Wherever you go, foods such as bananas, avocado, toast, porridge and plain unsweetened yogurt are usually readily available. These are all amazing foods to offer a little one in the early stages of weaning and super easy to feed them straight off your own plate.

The most important thing to remember is that you’re making core memories and will benefit so much from this quality family time away. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter if weaning is put on pause until you’re back home. Just follow your little one’s lead and have fun!

Happy holidays gang!

Love, Sophie and Team Mamamade x

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