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Mamamade Bundles

Choose a bundle below to explore our meals and you can choose a one-time purchase or a subscription. Not sure where to start? Take our quiz to find your perfect programme

The Weaning Essentials BundleThe Weaning Essentials Bundle

The Weaning Essentials Bundle

This bundle has been designed for babies and parents who are ready to enter the wild world of weaning! Everything you ne...

Purees & Bites Bundle (6m+)Purees & Bites Bundle (6m+)

Purees & Bites Bundle (6m+)

  What’s in this bundle? This bundle includes 12 meals : 6 of our nutritionist-picked combo purées as well as 6 soft fin...

Bestsellers Bundle (7m+)Bestsellers Bundle (7m+)

Bestsellers Bundle (7m+)

This variety bundle of organic baby food designed for little ones aged 7-12+ months who are ready to explore new flavour...

Finger Foods Only Bundle (6m+)Finger Foods Only Bundle (6m+)

Finger Foods Only Bundle (6m+)

We know, we know - some babies just insist on independent feeding (and good for them!)  Is this the right bundle for me?...

Finger Foods Only Bundle (Toddler)Finger Foods Only Bundle (Toddler)

Finger Foods Only Bundle (Toddler)

For the snack-happy toddlers and bigger kids in the family, we've got this selection of finger foods and desserts. We’ve...

Toddler Meal and Snack BundleToddler Meal and Snack Bundle

Toddler Meal and Snack Bundle

These bad boys slot right into the pizza/pasta rotation - but with the added bonus of being packed full of veg and compl...

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