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Bigger flavours, bolder textures, better ingredients

Big flavours aren't just for grown ups. We've created five brand new nutritious and irresistably tasty meals that your little ones actually want to eat!

New On The Menu

New Toddler Meal Bundles

Toddler Meal and Snack BundleToddler Meal and Snack Bundle

Toddler Meal and Snack Bundle

These bad boys slot right into the pizza/pasta rotation - but with the added bonus of being packed full of veg and compl...

Toddler Meals Only Bundle (no desserts or snacks)Toddler Meals Only Bundle (no desserts or snacks)

Toddler Meals Only Bundle (no desserts or snacks)

Imagine never having to feel stuck in a rut with the repetition of toddler mealtime - not to mention pleasing picky eate...

Mamamade Silicone Plate + LidMamamade Silicone Plate + Lid

Mamamade Silicone Plate + Lid

We’re making mealtimes even easier with our Silicone Plate + Lid in mint green. This soft-to-touch silicone plate is ea...

Mamamade x Chilly's Food PotMamamade x Chilly's Food Pot

Mamamade x Chilly's Food Pot

We’re making mealtime even easier for busy parents like you... We've teamed up with our friends at Chilly's to bring yo...

Loved by parents..

Feed the Future!

From vitamin-packed veg penne to super-healthy sweet potato + pinto bean chilli, our new range for ages 1-5 combines huge flavour with toddler-acceptable textures. Meals that little ones will love - without even realising how nutritionally-dense they are

Cauliflower + Coconut Curry

They say variety is the spice of life, and we couldn’t agree more! Our Cauliflower + Coconut curry may be mildly spiced for little palates but there is nothing mild about these ingredients.

Mac + 'cheese'

A healthy take on the indulgent American classic, a nod to our founder’s roots! Dairy-free and CMPA-friendly!
Contains gluten.

7 Veg Penne

Our newest pasta dish contains all of the veg, but none of the negative energy from fussy eaters. 7 different veggies are hidden so masterfully a chameleon would be jealous.
Contains gluten.

Courgette + Lentil Bolognese

Ciao… little foodies! This is not your average bolognese! Our veggie adaptation of this family classic is packed full of iron, Vitamin A and Vitamin C.
Contains gluten.


Sweet Potato + Pinto Bean Chilli

Beans, beans… this Sweet Potato + Pinto Bean Chilli is good for way more than just your little one’s heart.

Delivered Frozen to Your Door.

A parent's checklist is long enough. This is why we're here to support you and your family with nutritious, organic and plant-based (naturally free from most major allergens!) meals and snacks delivered frozen to your door.

We handle the rest; all you have to do is pop the meals straight in your freezer, and heat them up when needed. Mealtime ready in minutes!

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