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Freeze The Day! Demystifying Stigmas Around Frozen Baby Food.

For years, the frozen aisle in the supermarket has been given a bad rep. Many thought frozen food equated to oven pizza, deep-fried chicken and chips, or ice cream. Essentially, beige, beige and more beige. So it’s no surprise that so many people ask us why all our organic baby food is delivered and stored frozen. Well, that’s because when frozen food is done right, it can be nutritious, delicious, and all colours of the rainbow - and today’s the day we’re going to tell you why!

Mamamade frozen baby food

Frozen food can be more nutritious than pre-packaged food on a supermarket shelf:

Think of it this way: firstly a meal is prepared with fresh ingredients, then it is packaged up, transported across the country to a supermarket, unloaded, left to sit on a shelf until you buy it and, finally, transport it to your house. Then, it might wait in your own fridge for a number of days until you are ready to eat it. For every hour that’s passed since that meal was made, those ingredients have become a little less fresh. It’s no surprise that these meals often depend on preservatives or added sugars to give them a longer shelf-life (and just think about the ones that aren’t kept in the fridge).

At Mamamade, we freshly prepare each of our meals in small batches in our kitchen with 100% organic, high-quality ingredients. Then, we flash-freeze them to lock in all of the nutrients contained in them. This essentially works like a kind of time machine, transporting this freshly prepared and nutritious meal from our kitchen to yours, without losing any of its goodness! All you have to do is defrost and heat it up in a microwave or oven in a few minutes et voila - all the benefits of a home-cooked meal, with none of the stress.

Mamamade organic baby food

Frozen food can be more sustainable:

It might not come as a surprise to you by now that we’re very passionate about sustainability at Mamamade. And when it comes to food waste, we’re no different.

Let’s go back to our analogy of all those non-frozen meals waiting to be bought from supermarket shelves. Every meal that isn’t bought before its sell-by date will go to waste. In fact, according to a report by The Independent in 2021, UK supermarkets throw away the equivalent of 190 million meals a year. That’s a waste of the food, the energy it took to prepare and transport it, AND the packaging.

All Mamamade meals and snacks last in your freezer for up to 4 months, meaning there’s no need to worry about them going off or being thrown away after a few days. Just defrost and enjoy at a time convenient to you, and be sure to pop our packaging straight into the recycling once you’re done! Oh, and we know that little ones don’t always finish their plate. No worries - put any of our meals back into the fridge and reheat once within 24 hours (and why not do so with our super handy and reusable Plate + Lid?).

Mamamade frozen organic baby food

Frozen food can be more convenient:

We know that baby weaning can be a stressful time. All we want as parents is to make sure our little ones are getting all the nutrients they need, but the reality is that this can be tricky when we have a million other things on our plates.

We’ve all been there - research the healthiest baby food recipes for your little one, plan out your meals, do a big weekly shop and spend ages on meal prep. Then, when you come back from work and put it together, your little one quite literally throws it back in your face.

At Mamamade, we make sure our meals are nutritionally balanced, saving you the research and planning. We then deliver to your doorstep, saving you the shopping trip. All you have to do is defrost and cook our meals in the oven or microwave in minutes, saving you a lot of time. Convenience at its finest!

Mamamade baby weaning finger foods

We hope this has helped to clear up some of those age-old myths about frozen food and put your mind at free- we mean, ease about buying frozen in the future!

Love, Sophie and Team Mamamade x

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